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Free to Print: Spring Edition

Author: The Printique Team

Spring is in full swing and we couldn’t be more grateful! With the new season comes new opportunities to add color and vivacity to your home. This year, help Mom refresh her decor by creating a Mother’s Day gift that brings spring to life.

From vibrant lilies to illustrations of a flower’s symbolic meaning, the illustrations below are the best floral printables the public domain has to offer. You’re sure to find an art piece that will make for the best Mother’s Day gift yet!

This Aesthetic Overflowing Vase

We’re kicking this springtime collection off with one of our favorite free printables: this incredible flower bouquet illustration. With its moody yet vibrant colors, this printable is totally centerpiece worthy. Its luxurious yet eccentric presence is fit to add character to any room.

These Pink Spotted Lilies.

Lilies are the Meryl Streeps of the flower world. They’re iconic showstoppers that can add elegance and beauty to every corner of your home. If you don’t have the patience for buying a fresh bouquet every weekend, the free printable above will supply you with all the benefits of having lilies in your home, with none of the need for a restock. Plus, the bright pinks in this illustration make it perfect for these early days of spring!

This Cherry Blossom Illustration

What could make better spring décor than an illustration of iconic cherry blossoms? We love the soft pastels used in this print; It would make for incredible décor in any space of relaxation – whether to give a spa-like feel to your bathroom or an aesthetic appearance to a creative space.

This Ginger Plant Illustration

We can’t get enough of the tropical vibrancy of this ginger plant printable. We would love to see this piece of art used to decorate a kitchen, or add a splash of luxurious color to an otherwise plain bathroom.

The Language of Flowers

The remaining free printables are from a collection of books known as The Language of Flowers. Gorgeous illustrations were created to accompany explanations of what various flowers symbolize. When choosing a flower to print, read what each of them represent! Picking a flower that resonates with a personal quality will make you adore your piece of décor even more than you would have.

An Introduction to Flowers

This illustration, used in the beginning of T. Nelson’s book, states “Flowers are the bright remembrancers of youth; They waft us back with their bland odorous breath, the joyous hours that only young life knows, ere we have learnt that this fair Earth hides graves.” Needless to say, if you love art that carries meaning and poetry, this free printable should be at the top of your wish list.

The Forget Me Not

What’s sweeter than the nostalgic forget me not flower? Invite this sentimental flower into your space with this aesthetic and artistic free printable, dashed with baby blues. We also love the way the word “remembrance” is scrawled across the bottom of this print.

The Rose

Add color and romance to any room with this timeless piece of art. This print also makes for a meaningful gesture of love; Think of it as giving a flower that will never wither. If your partner loves vintage and romantic décor, they’re sure to adore this print.

The Geranium

The detailed foliage and colorful blossoms of this geranium illustration caught our eye – and stole our hearts! With “gentility” as geranium’s symbolic meaning, written artistically beneath the illustration, this print is sure to bring a sense of calm and peace to any room.

The Dahlia

We love the stunning caligraphy used in this illustration, as well as its playful color scheme. Like the other illustrations in this book, this free printable is outlined with elegant gold framing. This means your print can thrive with our without a frame.