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7 Tips for Decorating with Framed Family Photos

Author: The Printique Team

 Brandon Dimcheff/flickr

Brandon Dimcheff/flickr

Plan ahead for hanging your family photos with these helpful tips.
If you’re like me, what you love most about Grandma’s are the family photos that adorn every wall in the house. They fill the rooms in perfect symmetry and celebrate the best moments of her life — the day she married your grandfather, your aunt’s wedding, a family reunion.
To put it simply, family photos make a house feel like home. The trouble is, they often clash with the rest of your decor. But since family photos come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, there are a number of ways you can display those memories without ruining your style.

1. Buy Matching Frames

As Decoist explains, nothing makes photographs more compatible than matching frames. Try buying frames that are all the same neutral color, such as black, brown, or white.
Or, if you want a pop of color to complement those happy memories, spray paint your frames whatever shade you like. This tactic makes frames of completely different sizes look great when they’re clustered together.

2. Don’t Neglect Your Stairway

Running out of wall space? Fill your stairway with family photos, as Under the Roof Photography recommends. The blank wall lining your stairs is a perfect spot for a collage of your favorite family memories. Guests will love perusing it as they head upstairs on a tour, and as an added bonus, it will give you a rush of nostalgia as you’re heading out of the house in the morning.

3. Hang Pictures in Overlooked Areas

Have a narrow space above the fireplace? How about a tight little nook you never know what to do with? Hang pictures there, too! Those spots, as Country Living explains, can easily be made into points of pride if you adorn them with snapshots of the people you love most.

4. Group Small Photos Together

Smaller photos can be tricky to display. It’s hard to find frames that fit them, and like Country Living further adds, they don’t draw much attention when hung on their own. The solution? Group your small photos together in a creatively arranged cluster on one wall.
To make this all about family, convert a series of photos of individual family members (graduation shots, for instance) into a display of your entire clan.

5. Opt for Black and White

Sometimes, photographs with different color palettes clash with one another. The perfect fix? Get rid of color all together! Make or purchase professional-looking black and white prints for a classy, put together look. To liven it up, Homedit suggests alternating color photos with black and white ones for a fun twist on the monochromatic look.

6. Nix the Frames

If you’re the crafty type, you don’t need to reply on conventional approaches to photo framing. Look for DIY ways to hang your family photographs, including wall boxes, homemade frames, or a clothesline, according to Brit.
Also, consider choosing a material that accents or highlights something within the picture. This is an opportunity to really get really creative.

7. Get Professional Prints

Finally, to take your family photos to the next level, don’t settle for emailed photographs printed on flimsy computer paper. Get all your pictures printed by a professional printing service like Printique. They print high-quality photographs and even frame them for you, giving your loved ones’ faces the top-notch treatment they deserve.