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A Photo A Day: November Edition

Author: The Printique Team

Our newest photo-a-day challenge is here!

This month, get ready to see the world through a new lens! You’ll be capturing the magic of travel, photographing the elements, and celebrating the things you’re grateful for as you make your way through November.

By the end of the month you’ll have a stunning collection of images – and quite possibly your favorite photograph yet!

Ready to see what November has in store? Click the image below to download your own copy!

November 1st: Vintage

Walk down memory lane with a photograph of something vintage.

November 2nd: Starts with T

Take a photograph of something that starts with T.

November 3rd: Fall Festivities

Embrace the festivities of fall for today’s photograph!

November 4th: Upside Down

Experiment with today’s photograph by flipping your camera upside down – or flipping the image in post!

November 5th: Travel

Take a photo that captures the excitement of travel.

November 6th: Solitude

Photograph a moment of solitude.

November 7th: The Elements

Photograph the elements: earth, wind, air, fire or all of the above!

November 8th: Urban Life

Head to a city near you (or step outside) and capture moments of urban life.

November 9th: Childhood

Capture the joy of childhood in today’s photo.

November 10th: Jewelry

Find a way to add jewelry to a photograph today.

November 11th: Shoreline

Take a photo of a shoreline.

November 12th: Letters

Let today’s challenge be the perfect inspiration to send a handwritten letter! Make it part of today’s photograph.

November 13th: Machines

Make machinery part of today’s photograph.

November 14th: Archways

Photograph an archway today!

November 15th: From the Ground

Put your camera at ground level and snap away.

November 16th: The Color Blue

Photograph something blue.

November 17th: Mirrors

Use mirrors to elevate today’s photograph.

November 18th: Symbolism

Photograph a well-known symbolic item; a four leafed clover, a horseshoe, a dove, a rose, an owl, a rainbow – just to name a few!

November 19th: Pictures of Pictures

Take a picture of pictures.

November 20th: Circles

Incorporate circles into today’s photograph.

November 21st: Sets of Three

Photograph something in a set of three.

November 22nd: Stairs

Take a photo of a stairway.

November 23rd: Metal

Add something metallic to today’s photograph.

November 24th: Food

Happy Thanksgiving! Photograph all the food that surrounds you today.

November 25th: Thankful

Keep the gratitude going; photograph something you’re thankful for today.

November 26th: Black and White

Take a black and white photograph.

November 27th: Sports

Make sports part of today’s photograph – either first hand or through a screen!

November 28th: Prisms

Use a prism to take a one-of-a-kind photograph today.

November 29th: Family

Gather your loved ones and photograph what “family” means to you.

November 30th: Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, capture early moments of holiday cheer.