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Photo a Day: May Edition

Author: The Printique Team

Our newest photo-a-day challenge is here!

This month, get ready to uncover the beauty in your day-to-day life! You’ll be taking photographs of the art that surrounds you in your everyday routine, experimenting with shutter speeds and setting out on intentional adventures. 

By the end of the month you’ll have a stunning collection of images – and quite possibly your favorite photo yet! 

Ready to see what the month of May has in store? Click the image below to download your own copy!

May 1st: Patterns

Photograph the patterns you find around you.

May 2nd: Upcycled

Turn an old item into a new treasure by transforming it into the perfect photo prop. An empty perfume bottle, an old bicycle, and worn shutters are just a few examples! 

May 3rd: Best Dressed

Take a picture of the best dressed person you see today (yes, it can be you!) 

May 4th: The Stars

Point your camera up at the sky and photograph the stars.

May 5th: Mirror

Use mirrors to elevate today’s capture.

May 6th: Urban

Take a photo of an urban place.

May 7th: Windy

Capture the wind in today’s picture; swaying trees, a breeze in hair, a moving flag. 

May 8th: Transportation

A subway, train, bike…incorporate a form of transportation in this photo! 

May 9th: Starts with C

Take a picture of something that starts with C; clouds, a cat, a chandelier. 

May 10th: Architecture

Capture a building’s architecture; it can be a building you love or a building you love to hate! 

May 11th: Decades

Take a picture of something that looks like it belongs in another decade or reminds you of your favorite decade.

May 12th: The Color Purple

Photograph something purple today.

May 13th: Slow Shutter Speed

Slow your shutter speed down and snap away! 

May 14th: Mom

Take a photograph of the wonderful person you’re celebrating this Mother’s Day.

May 15th: Water

Incorporate water in today’s photo. 

May 16th: Sunlight

Capture the beauty of streaming sunlight.

May 17th: Out Of Focus

Use blur to your advantage; Photograph something out of focus.

May 18th: The Sky

Photograph the many shades of sky that pass us by during the day.

May 19th: Something Old

Take a photo of something old; a historic building, vintage records, antique jewelry.

May 20th: Road Trip

Head out on a mini road trip (or a long one, if you’re feeling extra adventurous!) for today’s photograph.

May 21st: Memories

Photograph something that brings back happy memories. 

May 22nd: Candlelight

Incorporate candlelight light into your photograph today.

May 23rd: A Park

Visit your favorite local park and snap away! 

May 24th: From The Movies

Photograph a place or thing that you associate with a particular movie.

May 25th: Horizon

Take a picture of the horizon! 

May 26th: Crowds

Capture the motion of a crowd.

May 27th: Upside Down

Get creative and play with angles or flip your object upside down in today’s image! 

May 28th: 12 P.M.

Take a picture at noon – of anything at all! 

May 29th: A Celebration

Summer celebrations are just around the corner – capture a party today!  

May 30st: Neutral

Take a neutral toned photo today! 

May 31st: Colorful

Make today’s photo full of bright colors!