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A Photo a Day: May Edition

Author: The Printique Team

Our newest photo-a-day challenge is here!

This month, get ready to see the world around you through a new lens. You’ll be photographing the people and places you love, trying out new shutter speeds, and venturing down the “road less traveled” – whatever that may mean to you!

By the end of the month you’ll have a stunning collection of images – and quite possibly your favorite photograph yet!

Ready to see what the month of May has in store? Click the image below to download your own copy!

May 1st: The Sunset

Capture the sunset as it descends on the first day of the new month!

May 2nd: An Entrance

From beautiful doorways to garden gates, photograph an entrance of any kind today!

May 3rd: Reflection

From still water to mirrors and sleek metals, make the most of reflective surfaces today!

May 4th: Words

Incorporate words into a photograph today.

May 5th: Purple

Photograph something purple!

May 6th: Your Favorite Restaurant

Yes, this is an excuse to go out to your favorite restaurant! Photograph the food, the architecture, or the good company.

May 7th: Flowers

Take a photograph of flowers today (then give them to Mom tomorrow)!

May 8th: Mom

Take a photograph of the wonderful person you’re celebrating this Mother’s Day.

May 9th: A Skyline

Point out over the horizon and capture a beautiful skyline today!

May 10th: Best Dressed

Photograph the best dressed person you see today (yes, it can be you!).

May 11th: Eyes

Photograph the window to the soul.

May 12th: Starts with R

Rainbows, roadways, rabbits, radios, rings… photograph something that starts with the letter R!

May 13th: A texture

Whether it’s the shine of silk or the richness of velvet, incorporate a texture into today’s photograph.

May 14th: Bokeh

Elevate today’s photograph with Bokeh elements!

May 15th: Foliage

Appreciate the lusciousness of late spring foliage by photographing it today!

May 16th: Shadows

Incorporate shadows into today’s photograph.

May 17th: The road less traveled

Take a photograph of a ‘road less traveled,’ whether that be an overgrown trail, a private driveway, or the route you usually don’t take home from work.

May 18th: 6 A.M.

Take a photograph at 6 A.M.

May 19th: Extravagance

Photograph something extravagant.

May 20th: Slow Shutter Speed

Slow down your shutter speed today and see what happens in your photographs.

May 21st: Abandoned

Whether it’s a piece of furniture on the street or a deserted building, photograph something abandoned today.

May 22nd: A place you don’t belong

Go somewhere out of your comfort zone today!

May 23rd: Rule of Thirds

Use the rule of thirds in your photograph today.

May 24th: Footprints

Find a set of footprints to photograph.

May 25th: A bridge

Photograph a bridge from all of its dynamic angles, then pick your favorite shot!

May 26th: A meaningful location

Take a photo of a meaningful location.

May 27th: Looking down

Whether you’re peaking out a window or shooting from a drone, take a photo looking down.

May 28th: Electronics

Incorporate electronics into a photograph.

May 29th: Symmetry

Find symmetry in the world around you and shoot away!

May 30th: The grocery store

Find something extraordinary in the ordinary today at the grocery store.

May 31st: A celebration

Celebrate the end of the month – and take a photograph while doing it, of course!