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A Photo a Day: April 2023

Author: The Printique Team

Our newest photo-a-day challenge is here! 

This month, get ready to celebrate the warmth and brilliance of April! You’ll be showcasing the people and things that make you smile, experimenting with shutter speeds, and finding beauty in your everyday routine! 

By April 30th, you’ll have a stunning collection of images – and quite possibly your favorite photograph yet!

Ready to see what April has in store? Click the image below to download your own copy! 

April 1st: In The Distance

Photograph something far away from you. 

April 2nd: Contrast

Capture dissimilarities within your image – experiment with lighting, tones, colors and shadows. 

April 3rd: Something Silver

Photograph something silver today! 

April 4th: Makes You Smile

Take a photo of something that makes you smile: a loved one, blooming spring flowers, a beautiful sunset.

April 5th: Black And White 

Take a black and white photo. 

April 6th: Hands

Holding hands, tiny hands, moving hands – incorporate hands into your capture today. 

April 7th: Fast Shutter Speed

Increase your shutter speed and point towards a moving object! 

April 8th: Saturday Afternoon

Take a picture that captures your Saturday afternoon.

April 9th: Three Of A Kind

Three blue cars, three soaring birds, three cherry blossom trees – find a set of three and take a photo! 

April 10th: Charming

Capture something that you find charming – a person, your favorite local coffee shop, a piece of jewelry. 

April 11th: Reflections

Photograph the magic of reflections!

April 12th: Starts With O

Take an image of something that starts with O – an orange object, the ocean, an oak tree.

April 13th: Clouds

Point your camera to the sky and capture the dreamy clouds!

April 14th: On The Street

Take a picture of something you find interesting on the street.

April 15th: In The Details

It’s all in the details – photograph life’s most beautiful details today.

April 16th: Wild 

Capture the wild side of today – wild plants, animals in the wild, a wild storm.

April 17th: Favorite Time Of Day

Take a photograph during your favorite time of day.

April 18th: Path

Take a photo of a path you see today – whether it’s one you walk down or not! 

April 19th: Music

Take a photo that visually captures music.

April 20th: Tourist Attraction 

Be a tourist in your own city today – photograph a local tourist attraction! 

April 21st: Round

Take a snap of something round you come across throughout your day.

April 22nd: Our Planet

Happy Earth Day! Take a photograph of our beautiful Earth.

April 23rd: Soft 

Fluffy pancakes, a cozy blanket, a furry friend – take a snap of something soft. 

April 24th: Someone You Love

Capture the beauty of a person you love – whether it’s a candid picture or portrait, get them on camera! 

April 25th: Food

Whether you ate it or just wished you could, take a picture of food today!  

April 26th: A Garden

Find a beautiful garden or show off your own! Celebrate the warmer weather by photographing a garden.

April 27th: Dreamy

Capture something you find dreamy today – the clouds, a beautiful sunset, a cozy night in. 

April 28th: Hideaway

Where is your hideaway? Photograph your favorite place to go to get away.

April 29th: Moonlight

Take an image using the moonlight tonight!

April 30th: Warmth

Capture something that encompasses warmth – a sunny place, a kind-hearted person, a cup of coffee.