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A Photo A Day: January Edition

Author: The Printique Team

Our newest photo-a-day challenge is here!

This month, get ready to capture the magic of the new year! You’ll be experimenting with new perspectives, playing with flash, and making the most of wonderful winter weather as you venture through the first month of 2023.

By January 31st, you’ll have a stunning collection of images – and quite possibly your favorite photograph yet!

Ready to see what January has in store? Click the image below to download your own copy!

January 1st: The Morning After

From glitter on the floor to empty glasses, capture the aftermath of New Year’s Eve celebrations.

January 2nd: Shades of Gray

Play with colorless shades of gray in today’s photograph.

January 3rd: Cozy

That’s right: an excuse to get cozy! Capture coziness in today’s photo.

January 4th: Lights

Photograph to beauty of winter lights today, whether that be string lights, street lamps, candles, or anything in between.

January 5th: Frozen

Photograph something frozen.

January 6th: Starry Night

Point your camera up and photograph the stars today.

January 7th: Silhouette

Make the beauty of silhouettes part of today’s photograph.

January 8th: Flash Photography

Turn on flash for today’s photograph.

January 9th: Fish Eye

Take a photograph using a fish eye lens.

January 10th: Pictures Pictured

Take a picture of a picture, whether it’s printed out or on a screen.

January 11th: Bejeweled

Decorate your subject for a perfectly bejeweled photograph today.

January 12th: Destruction

Take a photograph that captures destruction.

January 13th: Rust

Photograph the presence of rust.

January 14th: Wheels

Take a picture of something with wheels – or wheels on their own.

January 15th: Crowds

Go where the people are for a photograph of crowds today.

January 16th: You’ve Got Mail

Make mail a part of today’s photograph.

January 17th: Eyes

Find a pair of eyes, whether animal or human, to photograph today.

January 18th: Bridges

Photograph a bridge today; bonus points if it’s covered in snow!

January 19th: High Above

Take a photograph from high above.

January 20th: Far Below

Take a photograph from far below.

January 21st: Out of Place

Photograph something that feels out of place.

January 22nd: Happy Portrait

Start the new year with a smile in today’s happy portrait.

January 23rd: Hands

Make hands a part of today’s photograph.

January 24th: Inner Child

Photograph a moment where your inner child comes out to play.

January 25th: Wind

Capture the motion of wind today.

January 26th: Distorted

Take a distorted photograph, whether through a DIY filter, a warped mirror, or a funky lens.

January 27th: Photo Booth

Capture the aesthetic of a photo booth shoot with today’s photographs.

January 28th: Copper

Make the element of copper part of today’s photograph.

January 29th: Looking Out

Take a photograph from inside looking out.

January 30th: Looking In

Take a photograph from outside looking in.

January 31st: Winter Wonderland

Freeze the beauty of a winter wonderland in your frame for the final photograph of January.