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A Photo a Day: April Edition

Author: The Printique Team

Our newest photo-a-day challenge is here!

This month, get ready to experiment with your photography style. You’ll be taking pictures in black and white, experimenting with unique lighting, and even turning your camera back at yourself.

By the end of the month, you’ll have a stunning collection of images, and quite possibly your favorite photograph yet.

Ready to see what the month of April has in store? Click the image below to download your own copy!

April 1st: A self-portrait

Kick off the month with your best self-portrait.

April 2nd: Starts with E

Take a photograph of something that starts with E. An elevator, earrings, Earth, eggs, elm trees… we believe in you!

April 3rd: From the movies

Photograph a place or thing that you associate with a particular movie.

April 4th: A doorway

Take a photograph of a doorway.

April 5th: Beautiful Light

Photograph light looking exceptionally beautiful.

April 6th: A car

Take a picture of the coolest car you see today.

April 7th: Patterns

Photograph the patterns you find around you.

April 8th: From your childhood

Photograph something you’ve held onto since childhood or something that simply reminds you of your childhood.

April 9th: Motion

Take a photograph of something in motion!

April 10th: The stars

Point up and photograph the stars.

April 11th: A pet

Happy International Pets Day! Take a photograph of a pet.

April 12th: I can’t live without…

Take a picture of something – or someone! – you can’t live without.

April 13th: A vanishing point

Incorporate a vanishing into your photograph.

April 14th: Black and white

Take a black and white photo.

April 15th: A storm

Photograph a storm. If it’s sunny skies by you on this day, you’ll just have to get creative!

April 16th: Orange

Take a picture of something orange.

April 17th: A garden

Photograph a garden; This can be a big garden, a small garden, a public garden, a potted garden on your kitchen counter…

April 18th: Breakfast

Capture the essence of breakfast!

April 19th: A stairway

Photograph a stairway.

April 20th: Urban

Take a photograph of an urban place.

April 21st: Rural

Take a photograph of a rural place.

April 22nd: The Earth

Happy Earth Day! Take a photograph of our beautiful Earth.

April 23rd: Turn your flash on

Take a photo with your flash on!

April 24th: Your favorite time of day

Take a photograph during your favorite time of day.

April 25th: Baby Animals

It’s baby animal season! Take a walk and photograph the baby animals you see; If you live in a city, don’t count this out! Look for baby birds, baby squirrels, kittens or puppies!

April 26th: Music

Take a photograph that visually captures music.

April 27th: Your favorite room

Photograph your favorite room! This can be a bedroom, an office, a room at a friend’s house – anywhere!

April 28th: Someone you love

Take a photograph of someone you love.

April 29th: A trail

Take a photo of a trail you see today – whether it’s one you walk down or not!

April 30th: A rare color

Take a photograph of a rare color you come across today.