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8 Printique Features and Products You May Have Missed

Author: The Printique Team

The list of incredible features and products offered by Printique is a long one; So it’s no wonder that some of our favorite features have gone overlooked! If you think you’ve been missing out on all that Printique has to offer, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled 8 of our favorite sneaky products, discounts, and features to guarantee you’re getting the most out of our premium services!


Buy one, get one 25% off.

Did you know that when ordering a photo book, you can get a second copy of your book for 25% off?  Simply create your book and proceed to “add to cart.” On this page, you’ll be given the option of ordering a second book, for 25% off!

This discount is a great way to save on group photo books.  Books that reflect trips, group events, or family history almost always have more than one person who would be thrilled to get their hands on one!  This discount applies to photo books of every size – including mini books!

woman hanging printique photo tiles

Photo Tiles.  

Our photo tiles are the easiest way to display your photos into a wall gallery. Printique’s re-stickable adhesive photo tiles are printed on high-quality, silver halide paper, our they offer far better image quality and stronger adhesion than the alternatives.

For small spaces you choose 8″x8″ tiles that start at just $15. Or you can go large and really make a statement with our 16″x20″ tiles. Mix and match sizes and photos to fit your space. There a size and shape for every wall in your home.

Plus, you can add to the wall or remove them and put them in another room without leaving one single nail hole in the wall!


Free store front pickup. 

If you live in New York City or the surrounding area, make the most of our free store front pick up option!  We offer store front pick up at both our Brooklyn location, on 19th street just south of Prospect Park, and our Adorama Manhattan location on W 42nd Street, just south of Madison Square Park!

Our Manhattan storefront is open until 7 PM Monday through Thursday, and is open on Sundays as well.  This makes it possible to order pick up from this location, even with a strict 9 to 5 work schedule! Enjoy $0 shipping fees and impressively rapid turnaround times by taking advantage of this option. 

SMS exclusive codes. 

If you love coupon codes (who doesn’t?), it’s time to join our SMS subscription list!  Not only will you never miss a sitewide promotion, but you’ll also get access to top secret, SMS exclusive flash sales – like the one we featured on St. Patrick’s Day!  Subscribe to the pop up at the bottom of your screen and never miss another opportunity to save! 

Loyalty pricing discounts. 

The loyalty pricing feature of our Pro Service membership gives you an automatic 10% off every purchase – at least! This feature is meant to reward our most loyal customers with increasingly meaningful discounts, all the way up to 20% off every order. Pro Service is a no-strings-attached monthly subscription service – also offered as a yearly subscription – that costs $14.95 per month.  You can find all the perks and cost advantages of Pro Service here!

Soft cover photo books.

Our soft cover photo books are the perfect way to print your photos in a casual yet high end manner – and it only costs $19.99 to print one! They’re an awesome option for photographers who are just beginning to dabble in the world of printing, allowing them to experience the magic of a professional printed product for a low price.

Soft cover books are also an incredible option for casual trip recaps or showcasing small day-to-day moments.  We know it can feel silly to spend on our most luxurious papers and binding products for the sake of random, seemingly insignificant moments; We love that soft cover photo books make it easy to still bring these precious memories to life.

P.S. No memory is too small to print!

Unique size prints.

Classic prints are commonly ordered as 4×6 inch prints, 5×5 inch prints, and 8×10 inch prints; But don’t overlook the range of unique print sizes we offer!  You can get a large 12×18 inch print for just $7.34.  Our square 10×10 inch prints are just $3.66. 

Hop on our prints page and explore our range of sizes! You’re sure to find the perfect style for your favorite photos.

The best part? You can order any of these unique print sizes directly from your phone!

Our free mobile app. 

That brings us to our final feature worthy of extra appreciation: Printique Photos.  We mention our free mobile app often, and how easy it makes the process of printing photos directly from your phone; But what we don’t always mention is the 15 GB of storage our mobile app offers.  It’s an incredible way to sync the photos you have on your phone across devices, while sorting them into neat and maneuverable folders.

Get it free today on the Apple app store or Google Play!