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7 Creative Cap and Gown Photo Ideas

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

It’s the time of year when high school and university students will be moving their graduation tassels to the left to commemorate all their years of hard work. It’s a big deal. So when the day rolls around, we wanted to give loved ones and parents some creative cap and gown photo ideas to capture. Here is our list:
young graduate

1. The Money Shot

Let’s start with the perfect shot, also known as “the money shot”. It’s the most formal photo of the day showing only the graduate, close up and smiling into the camera. This is probably the one that will be given to friends and family as a thank you. Hint: Look for shade to take picture for even lighting and to avoid harsh shadows.

2. Close Up

Grab a close up of the diploma, the hat and tassle. It’s a perfect shot for a photo book to begin it or end it.

3. The Crew

Friends are so important to the graduate. They spent countless hours together getting through the studies and years. It’s only fitting they should get a few photos together. These don’t need to be formal, in fact keep it light-hearted.

4. The Alma Mater

Find the perfect backdrop on campus with the name being reflected in the photo. Or take the graduate to their favorite part on campus that brings back great memories. There’s always the library, you know the place where you spent countless hours studying for the big exam?

5. Personality

Your graduate has personality, let it shine on this special day. Let them have fun. There are is no right or wrong when taking this snap.

6. The Tribe

Let’s not forget the family tribe. The parents, relatives, and siblings that helped you on your journey.

7. The Infamous Cap Toss

Did you really graduate if you didn’t throw your cap up in the air? :) Of course you did, but this shot is iconic and also really fun to capture.
Their dreams are becoming a reality. To all the upcoming graduates. We couldn’t be more excited for you. Make sure to not only capture them in their caps and gown, make sure you announce their milestone in style. Whether you are having a party and want to send out grad cards for the invites or you want to thank everyone for coming out to the big day, we have a number of artisian designed graduation cards that are modern and high quality. You can click HERE to view them.