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5 Ways to Gift with Mini Photo Books

Author: The Printique Team

Our mini photo books are officially the cutest way to spread holiday cheer. With 20 pages or more to fill with sweet memories, they’re a small but sentimental gesture that will go a long way, no matter who you’re shopping for.

Here are five ways we recommend holiday gifting with mini photo books.

1. Make your mini photo book romantic

If your significant other has a soft spot for sentimental gifts, a mini photo book showcasing a collection of sweet moments together will completely melt their heart.

Add little notes throughout the book for an extra special and romantic touch!

A romantic mini photo book is a perfect holiday gift for the one you love.

2. Make a black and white mini photo book

Take your mini book’s nostalgia to the next level by printing all of your photos in black and white. This gift is especially poignant for those who are missing a person, place, or pet. A mini photo book filled with pictures of what they’re missing will become a treasured keepsake for your gift recipient.

A mini photo book of black and white images is a great holiday gift to help someone remember a loved one or a pet.

3. Create a mini recipe book

Want to pass along some of your favorite recipes to a friend, but don’t feel ready to crank out a full fledged cookbook? Mini books are the perfect way to do it!

From cocktails and coffee drinks to simple baked goods and cute finger foods, a mini recipe book is an adorable and easy way to gift someone your favorite kitchen tricks.

Create a mini recipe book using our mini photo book templates.

4. Showcase your adventures

Creating a mini photo book filled with you and your loved one’s adventures is a great way to make sure they always remember their favorite trips – big or small! Mix landscape photos with group shots for a perfect ensemble that captures the trip’s authentic feel.

Gift someone with a mini photo book of all the year's adventures.

5. Start a new tradition

Was there an event or trip this year that you absolutely loved? Use a mini photo book gift to turn it into an annual tradition! Simply grab a handful of snapshots from the occasion, compile them into a mini photo book, and title your book “First Annual” followed by the name of the event!

From a First Annual Ski Trip to a First Annual Nashville Weekend, this gift is a great way to show your friends or family you loved your time together as much as they did – and can’t wait to do it again!

Level this mini book up by using it as a suspenseful way of telling the recipient that a trip is part of your gift to them!