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5 Ways to Decorate Dorm Rooms with Pictures

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

For those that are college bound, congratulations! You’re moving out and into your own space. If you’re moving into a dorm, chances are space is limited but it doesn’t mean you don’t have #dormgoals. Here are 5 ways to decorate your room with your #Instagram photos.

1.That’s so Tumblr

Bulletin boards are so 90’s. Welcome to the new polished look of hanging desk grids inspired by Tumblr. We love these grids as inspirational boards.  Use clips for photos or inspirational quotes. We found these fun and fabulous grids at Urban Outfitters. However, for the #DIY crowd, you can make your own, check out this YouTube video.

2. Pretty Little Pictures

First, there was duct tape, but it wasn’t all that pretty. Then came washi tape! Because it comes in so many styles and colors, it’s easy to become obsessed with it. You can use strips to hang photos or use it to surround the image.  You can’t go wrong; it’s easy to put up and easy to take off. Look at this fun wall with pretty little pictures from 100 Layer Cake.

3. Block it Out

They are the easy go-to-desk-top addition. They don’t take up much space and can fit anywhere – #winning!  If you like a clean block look or want to add some flair with a copper wire, you’ll find these little accessories are the perfect partner for your Instagram photos. We found these blocks through Heidi Swapp, who is the queen of scrapbooking and makes some seriously swoon-worthy accessories.

4. Bring the Outside In

Keep it simple. Grab a stick from outside and hang string and pictures from it.  Tie the string to the stick and tape the images to it. It’s just the easy and just that boho chic!  Thanks to Aspyn Ovard for this DIY!

5. Clip It

Who knew office supplies could be so stylish? Bulldog and binder clips are all the rage, but not for the office for the home! They come in all different sizes and styles. Binder clips look great on the desk and can support smaller prints. We found these binder clips at Target. 🎯
Bulldog clips are great for hanging larger images on your walls. It’s Urban Barn #FTW again! We love these giant clips that make a statement.
These are just a few of our favorite ways to decorate dorms. All of these creative inspirations allow for easy photo changes and arrangement. Looking to print your Instagram photos now? Great, start  HERE it only takes minutes to print your memories.