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5 Tips for Winter Maternity Photography

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

A lot of photographers live in snowy climates but they don’t let the cold put a hamper on their outdoor sessions.  If you have an opportunity to photograph a maternity session in the cold climates, you’ll need to do just a little extra preparation to help the mom-to-be. You’ll want to take as many precautions as necessary as this is a pretty delicate session.
Here are five tips from our members on photographing maternity sessions in the snow.
1. Be Prepared You don’t want to have an 8 or 9 month pregnant woman walking around a lot in rugged conditions, so scout out your location first. Make it easy to get to. Pull right up to the spot if you can and use as many different angles in this one spot as possible. The photographer should be doing all of the moving, not the subject. You’ll notice in this post all images are actually taken within one location. Also do all your metering before your client steps out of the vehicle. This will save time and you will be readyonce your client is in position. vancouver-maternity-photography-5 2. Help the Client Wherever your client walks in the snow, help her. Have her steady herself on you or if she brought her partner, have them help. You do not want anyone to slip or fall during the session. Also, make sure to recommend boots with traction or appropriate foot gear for the mom-to-be. vancouver-maternity-photography-8 3. Get Creative Your time is pretty short, before noses turn pink and fingers go numb. So include the family pet or maybe a pair of shoes for the new little one. This will give you different looks — all are sentimental. Discuss it with your client prior to the session, so everyone knows what is expected and what to bring.   vancouver-maternity-photography-1

  4. Keep the Car  and the Client Warm When you find your location and pull up to it – take short breaks for everyone to head back into warmth of the car.( Have blankets and warm drinks ready. )You can do a quick change as well, although don’t make it too complicated. Also, feel free to have your clients put hand warmers in their mittens and boots. Always carry some back up ones for your winter shoots, your clients will be grateful if they forget to bring their warmers. vancouver-maternity-photography-7 5. Play in the Elements It’s snow! It’s fun, have your subjects have fun with it. They agreed to a winter session, so they are pretty much assured it will be cold. End the session on this note though, you don’t want your subjects playing in the snow and then getting all wet with more photos to capture.vancouver-maternity-photography-4 Special thanks to Printique Ambassador Erin Gilmore of Erin Gilmore Photography for the wonderful images. Thank you to our members who offered these 5 tips through our social media channels on how best to handle maternity sessions in the snow.
-Photographs by Erin Gilmore Photography
-Written by Libby with suggestions from Printique members