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5 Tips for Runway Photography

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

This week marks fashion week in New York City. Have you ever wondered what it takes to get some of those amazing shots of models strutting down the cat walk? After talking to some  of our members who do this regularly, here are 5 tips on how not to commit a faux pas during fashion week.
1. Location, Location, Location
Get there early and get your position. There are lots of photographers who are vying for the same shot as you will be so it’s best to get everything in order and arrive early. Make sure you have cleared all the hurdles and have gained permission from the organizers.
2. White Balance
You’ll be dealing with a lot of different lighting situations. White balance is crucial when you are photographing fashion shows. You want to make sure you get the colors correct. Do some tests before hand and make sure to check your histogram. Try pre-setting your white balance for the most accurate color. Not sure how to set your white balance? Check out THIS ARTICLE we did a few months ago on getting the best white balance for your image.
3. Portrait vs. Landscape
It’s about the fashion. Let’s not forget that. Shoot a majority of your images vertical and allow for plenty of space above the model’s head and below the model’s feet. When you do shoot horizontal or square, make sure it’s appropriate. For example, when all of the  models come out at the end showcasing the entire fashion line, that is a perfect time to capture them horizontally or square. Another great time to photograph landscape, is when the designer has their name displayed on the back wall.  It’s important for designers to have their name linked to their fashion. Make sure to snap a few with the models to the side of the name. Make sure you can read the whole name.
4. Don’t Forget the Back
Designers put a lot of work into their designs. It’s important to not only get the front, but the back as well. Designers like to see how a creation will flow both from the front and back. Don’t hinder yourself by only photographing the front.
5. Fast Lens
Since you have no control over the light level you may want to consider using a fast lens. A fast lens with a wide aperture, F2.8 or lower, would be the best way to capture the action of the models walking down the runway. Also, remember when shooting at this low of an aperture you can keep the model in sharp focus while softening the background.
-Written by Libby for Printique with the help of members
-Photographs are by Shutterstock and are used for editorial purposes