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5 Photography Tips for Using Fog Machines

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama


It’s the time of year when our thoughts turn to doing dramatic images.  There’s a lot of different ways you can add drama to your images from lights, to post-production, to fog machines. That’s right.. we said fog machines. Fog gives your images a  theatrical appearance.  So we asked an expert about the dramatic look of fog and how to add it to portraiture. Here’s Jessica Kaminski of Jessica Kaminski Photography and The Refinery with her best and most wicked advice.

1. Show it Who Is Boss

In order to get good contrast in your images, be sure not to let the fog get between you and your subject. The fog can dull your colors, so try to control it and keep it to the back and to the sides.


2. Strength in Numbers

Consider having someone act as a “Fog Wrangler”. Use something like a piece of foam core or a bounce board to gently fan the fog away from your lens, or back into your scene, as desired.


3. When in Doubt

Read the directions that come with your Fog Machine! Check whether or not you need to be mindful of fire alarms. Also, give it a test run. Some fog machines can fill a place up quickly, others take some time. So feel free to play with the settings and space.


4. Control the Elements

Fog Machines don’t work well outside: if it’s windy or in a wide open area, leave your Fog Machine at home!


5. Get it on a Budget

Consider shopping for a Fog Machine right after Halloween when everything is on sale! If you are still not sold on the idea, try renting one first.

Thanks to Jessica Kaminski. Jessica has worked with the Milwaukee Ballet, she teaches photography boot camp courses and has won numerous awards. She is best known for her stunning and unique portraits.

All images for this article are Copyright Jessica Kaminski of Jessica Kaminski Photography.