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5 Photo Resolutions for a Creative New Year

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

A new year brings new opportunities. This year, let’s shake it up a bit. Let’s expand our lives, horizons, and our goals, while never losing focus that photography and print can help tell our life’s story. Here are 5 photo resolutions for a creative new year.
photographer on top of mountain

1. Get Out There – Photo Resolutions

This year, resolve to explore your world. Perhaps you’ll take a life-changing trip, or just keep it close to home. Make an effort to take notice of (and take photos of) the world around you, and maybe you’ll see your world in a new way! Metal Prints are the perfect way to turn your adventures into art for your home.
family photo book produced by Printique

2. Curate Your Story 

You photograph so many moments from day to day that you’ve filled your camera roll and hard drives. Gather all those digital memories and pull them all together to create a beautiful Photo Book. Explore our library of pre-designed templates, build your own design, or try combining each image with words to keep a journal or your life.
child's artwork printed by printique

3. Honor Your Child’s Creativity

A great way to make your kids feel special and valued this year is to photograph their milestones and special moments and decorate with Framed Prints around your home.  Encourage their artistic talents and elevate some of their paintings, drawings, or school projects into framed works of art.
photographer looking at Printique blog

4. Expand Your Knowledge

Whether you’re taking photos on your phone or experimenting with a DSLR camera, make this the year to learn all you can about taking and printing better photos. Get started with our Photography 101 series, where we have education and tools to help you learn how to take the best photographs with whatever camera is in your hands.
mom with three kids

5. Be Present in Your Memories

We all take photos of the places we’ve been and of our family and friends, but we are often not IN the photos ourselves. Make sure to put yourself into your memories and get into those photographs. No excuses, your children, friends, and loved ones want to see you in pictures too!
Memories matter and so does your life story. We hope these 5 simple photo resolutions will help you tell your story. What tips do you have that could help others in the new year?