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5 New Ways to Use Posters in Your Home

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

Decorating with posters is something that typically reminds us of college and dorm rooms. Hanging a concert or a motivational poster gave us a sense of artistic expression back in the day.  Now, the cool kids have transitioned this type of decor to the modern home. And we have to say; we couldn’t be happier! Here is our list of 5 new ways to use posters in your home.

1. Binder Clips

It would be wonderful to frame all the posters we own, but this can be pretty pricey if you constantly change out your decor. So, keep it simple and take a look around your office for binder clips. Yes, we are talking about those clips that serve multiple functions. They have now become a fashion statement for the office. From gold to colorful clips, they are everywhere. So how do you use them? Clip the binders to the top of the posters and use push pins to keep the binders in place on the wall or use wire to hang. Easy, peasy and it’s the perfect complement to the modern home.

printique-posters22. Motivational Quotes

Sometimes we all need a little motivation to get us going in the mornings. Motivational quotes are a great way to add a little interest to the home. They have become an art form. From beautiful script with splashes of background color to sparkly gold letters and bold patterns, quotes are chic and an affordable way to decorate your home.

3. Art from the Masters

Ever dream of owning a Degas, van Gogh or a Monet, but you just don’t have millions of dollars? That’s ok; we found it for free. Wait, what? The National Gallery of Art gives open access to the masters’ beautiful artwork, and it’s legit! You can download high-resolution images of some of your favorite work from Claude Monet’s The Japanese Footbridge to Edgar Degas’ The Dance Lesson for free!  The site allows you to pick the size of file for download and all you have to do is choose the type of poster paper you want to print it on!printique-poster4. Gallery Wall
Often gallery walls are thought to be a wall with lots of smaller images placed in one area. Meh, we say let’s go bigger. Imagine a gallery wall featuring 16×20 prints and up? Oh, the fun possibilities! It will definitely have a less cluttered look to it while making a statement piece at the same time. We call this a win-win.

mock up blank poster on the wall of bedroom, 3D illustration bac5. Different Paper

No two pieces of artwork are the same, therefore they should have different papers to hi-light their differences. Love photographing car races and going to car shows? Great, try the metallic paper to give your images shine and pop. Love photographing soft, natural window light still life? Try the deep matte paper to give an artistic, soft feel to the image. For every image, there is a paper. Unsure of what paper is right for your image? Feel free to reach out to us and ask, our creative team can help you choose.
What unique ways do you know to decorate the home with posters? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear them.