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5 Must-Watch Home Tours

Author: The Printique Team

On a lazy night in, it’s not unusual to find yourself disappearing down an internet rabbit hole; And if you’re anything like us, that rabbit hole likely features before-and-after videos of incredible interior design transformations, mind-blowing behind-the-scenes photography videos, and DIY projects that sound too good to be true (and usually are). But there’s one genre of YouTube video that has a special place in our heart: the home tour.

From incredibly crafty studios to jaw-dropping million dollar mansions, there’s no limit to the interior inspiration you can find while perusing the internet on a relaxing night in bed.  Between the amazing creators at Apartment Therapy, Architectural Digest, LISTED, and beyond, we’ve compiled 5 inspiring house tours to add to tonight’s YouTube watchlist.  Thank us later! 😉

If your design taste is equal parts artistic and functional…



What it inspires: Create a gallery wall that spans multiple rooms.

How to steal the look: Curate a wide range of photos to be printed for your wall gallery.  Include word art, photos from your childhood, posters of your favorite movies and performers, and your most artistic photographs.  Blend your favorite colors and styles to create a composition that feels authentic to you. Julian primarily used thin black frames for the framed elements in his gallery, giving it a sleek and crisp look even with such a range of visuals.  Source your frames before ordering your prints, since you’ll want to make sure they’re printed in the correct size for the frames you were able to snag for the best price.  If you want to add a touch of eclecticism to your gallery, leave some of your larger poster prints unframed to mix up your artwork’s medium.

Once your prints arrive, start hanging!  It’s wise to begin with an anchor point, like Julian did.  Consider how wide you want your gallery to span; For this look in particular, stretch your gallery between two different rooms.  This will create a connected flow between separate spaces while giving your home a professional gallery feel.  Once you’ve built around your anchor points – whether that be a mirror, a TV stand, a window, a plant – simply connect point A to point B with the remainder of your artwork! 

If your design taste is soft and welcoming…



What it inspires: Turn meaningful items into art.

How to steal the look: Make a list of all the items that mean the most to you.  For Angie, this included black and white photos of her family members and a chewed up pair of Gucci shoes.  Whatever your prized possessions may be, turn them from a cluttered collection to an incredible décor element by arranging them in a gallery wall. 

Print and frame a handful of sentimental photos.  Order two or three hanging shadow boxes to display sentimental objects.  Create large, anchoring poster prints of either art that captures something meaningful to you or portraits of your loved ones. A large candid photo of you and friends or you and a romantic partner would also be a gorgeous and comforting element to include.  Once your pieces arrive, arrange them in a way that feels right.  Our favorite part about truly personal art displays is that there’s no wrong way to arrange them.  The right way is however the artist – you! – wants to arrange them.

If your design taste is eclectic and sentimental…



What it inspires: Print the small moments… and decorate with free printable art!

How to steal the look: We loved seeing one of the free printable art collections we featured on our site brought to life by Jess in her incredible apartment.  You can create a matching gallery by downloading the free-to-print artwork found here and ordering them as 8×10 prints on Printique.com.

What we especially adored about Jess’s apartment was the way she incorporated small moments into her décor.  At the 9:35 mark in the tour, Jess walks us through the meaning behind a small gallery of photos and artwork she has hanging in her lofted area.  

“I just love having photos up,” Jess shares, “I love taking film photos too so, [here’s] my dog’s paw imprint on my friend’s lap when we were upstate. […] I think it’s such a beautiful photo that evokes such emotion for me. So, I love having these little pieces of my own life and art on the walls.”

Sometimes it’s the photos that may seem insignificant to an onlooker that hold the most meaning to you.  Hanging them up on the wall is like having a little inside joke with yourself; Only you know the story, feeling, and emotion behind the little display.  You can print dozens of photos to place around your home for less than $15.  To find fun and unique ways to display your photo prints, see our list of 15 frame-free display ideas.

If your design taste is neutral, chic, and fun…



What it inspires: Use large, standalone poster prints to battle blandness while avoiding clutter.

How to steal the look: Select 5-10 artistic images to be printed.  We recommend printing either digitals you’ve purchased from professional photographers, unique art works, or your most vogue-esque couple shots and family photos.  Order your selections as 24×36 poster prints along with matching sleek black frames.  Once your posters and frames arrive, place your artwork strategically around the house.  Keep symmetrical layouts balanced by hanging artwork on either side of archways or in mirrored sections of open wall space.  Other than that, place them wherever your walls feel the most underwhelming!

If your design taste is extravagant and bold…



What it inspires: Compete with open spaces and grand furniture pieces by hanging large textured art.

How to steal the look: Turn your favorite photographs and artwork into large statement pieces.  While small, thin pieces of artwork such as poster prints or classic photo prints can be easily swallowed and diminished by extravagant settings, large textured wall décor is able to visually compete with lavish elements.  A 40×60 metal print will not only hold its own amongst luxurious details, but will even accentuate them.  Large, museum-quality artwork is what separates an impressive home from a truly enchanting interior feat.