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15 Frame-Free Ways to Use Photo Prints

Author: The Printique Team

Classic photo prints are a sentimental and simple way to turn sweet memories into tangible mementos. While often elevated with decorative frames, these stars of the printing world can shine all on their own. With our list of 15 frame-free ways to use photo prints, it will be easier than ever to make the most of this timeless printing method!

We especially love number 7 and number 15. Pick your favorites and get ready to bring your images to life.

Create a photo grid.

Arranging your classic prints in a neat photo grid is a gorgeous way to display your prints frame-free.  We love seeing this décor style used in home offices, bedrooms, or any small, uniquely shaped wall spaces.  Make your grid as tall or wide as needed to accommodate your space!

Another perk of this décor option is that it’s renter friendly.  Add double-sided tape to the back of each print for easy, damage-free removal when it comes time to pack up.

Use them for book bag notes.

Small classic prints are an adorable way to send your loved ones into the world with small tokens of love.  Print a set of your sweetest family memories and add personal notes to the back of them.  Slip them into your child’s lunch box or book bag on their way to school. This idea is extra meaningful for children who are prone to getting homesick while at school.

Use this idea for your romantic partner as well.  Write little messages of love on the back of romantic photo prints. Then slip them into your partner’s coat pocket or work bag.  This small gesture will add a romantic spark to every day.  And who doesn’t love an easy way to make your partner feel special and loved.

Photo prints are displayed on picture ledge in this frame-free way to use photo prints.

Arrange them on photo ledges.

Adding classic prints to small ledges around your home is a precious and aesthetic way to sprinkle memories into your day-to-day life.  This display works exceptionally well on a ledge with a built in groove.  This will keep your photos upright with ease, while also keeping them neatly in a row!

See our tips on creating a professional quality photo ledge here!

Photo prints are used to decorate a magnetic dishwasher in this frame-free way to use photo prints.
Photo by PrintsFactoryInc.

Display them on your fridge.

Does your fridge need some flare? Decorate it with heartwarming photos! Hang your prints in an orderly fashion by using peel-and-stick magnetic strips.  Stick the magnets to the back of your prints and maneuver them around your fridge however you like, whenever you like!

Pro tip: This decorating method works great on any magnetic surface.  If you’re a teacher at an elementary school, use this idea to add cute memories to your classroom’s whiteboard.  If you’re a parent with kids heading into middle or high school, send them off with magnetized prints for decorating their locker.

Photo prints fill a scrapbook in this frame-free way to use photo prints.

Use them in a scrapbook.

Display your photo prints in a scrapbook to craft a beautiful and ever-evolving story.  By ordering a few prints every month and adding them to your scrapbook, you’ll have a comprehensive collection of memories to look back on by the end of the year.

Display them on clipboards.

For an extra unique and original photo display, clip your prints into wooden clipboards.  Clipboards often come with built in hanger tags that make them exceptionally easy to hang.  We love this look in rooms with ample wood elements; Use it to display a blend of conversion charts, recipes and food art in your kitchen; Add character to your child’s room or play area by clipping colorful prints of their favorite fictional characters and custom artwork.

A photo print is displayed through a clear phone case in this frame-free way to use photo prints.

Use them inside a clear phone case.

Next up is one of our favorite frame-free ways to use photo prints.

If you have a clear case on your phone, we have great news: you can use it to keep your favorite memories by your side! Order your best photos as die cut wallet prints that will fit within the area of your phone case with ease; Or trace your phone on the back of a 5×7 inch photo print and cut along this outline to create a print that covers the entire back of your phone. Once your photo is in place on the back of your phone, simply snap your case back on to hold your prints in place!

Photo prints stand in small wooden photo stands in this frame-free way to use photo prints.

Stand them in stylized photo stands.

For a frame-free display that still lets you add personal styling to your space, we recommend ordering photo block stands for your prints!  Photo stands come in all sorts of styles, from circular wood stands to sleek rectangular blocks and geometric metallic holders. Their small size and ease of maneuverability make it easy to place your photos in your home’s hardest to decorate spaces. Spend a few minutes on Etsy and you’re sure to find photo stands too cute to resist!

Create poster print wallpaper.

If you’re in the process of curating a lively and eclectic space, a wall of poster prints is the perfect project for you.  Poster print wallpaper is perfect for decorating wide open wall space with strict borders, such as a section of wall space between two doors, the blank area above bead boarding, or an area segmented by a large piece of furniture.

Our tip for poster print wallpaper is to stick to a cohesive color scheme in each of your posters. Get a sneak peek at your final result by previewing your wallpaper on our wall gallery wizard.  Other than that, have fun!

Create DIY photo stands with binder clips.

Do you have binder clips at home that have no real use? Turn them into DIY photo stands in this frame-free way to use photo prints! Clip your photo print inside the binder clip and flip the binder clip tabs up. This will hold your photo upright and leave you with a flat base to stand your binder clip on.

Wrap your binder clip with twine or other coverings to DIY a photo stand that matches your room’s aesthetic!

Use standard prints to create custom bookmarks.

Standard prints are the perfect way to create adorable and personalized bookmarks.  Whether you want your bookmark to include inspirational quotes, or simply want to keep a happy memory close, Printique will bring the perfect bookmark to life with our premium quality classic prints.

Hang your memories on a string light display.

For a display style that dazzles as much as your memories do, you can’t beat string light photo displays. To avoid possible fire hazards or damage to standard string lights, we recommend only doing this with specially made photo string lights. Once your photo string lights arrive, simply clip your prints in and watch your new display light up the room!

Use photo prints to decorate mirrors.

Did you know you can slip your photo prints into the edge of mirrors to use mirrors as a photo clamp?  This won’t work on all mirrors, but if your mirror’s frame overlaps its reflective surface, try it out!

If your mirror doesn’t have a frame gap that can hold pictures, don’t be shy to adhere your print directly to your mirror. Be creative and you can wind up with some awesome mirror selfies that feature your favorite photos.

Hang your photos with custom stickers.

Collaging your photos with the help of stylistic stickers is a fun way to customize every detail of your photo display.  We love this frame-free way to use photo prints, especially when creating playful galleries in your child’s bedroom or play space.  It doesn’t hurt that stickers make the decorating process tons of fun, too! Your child will be eager and excited to jump right in to arranging their photos.

Loving this project for kid’s displays doesn’t mean we don’t love it for adult projects, too! Collage your favorite travel photos using travel-themed stickers and stamps; Hang adventure photos with nature-themed stickers depicting flowers and foliage; Display photos of your pet with adorable paw print stickers. As you can see, the opportunities for personalization are endless with a wall collage created with stickers. Browse Etsy for the perfect stickers for your prints!

Photo prints hang from clothesline in this frame-free way to use photo prints.

Create a clothesline photo display.

If you love a quaint and adorable décor piece, clothesline photo displays will steal your heart.  All it takes is a bit of string, a few clothespins, and prints of your favorite photos.  You can create your display with any style of string (we especially love twine for this look) and any color clothespin, to fully customize it!  Pin your string tight for a neat display, or loose for a casual, carefree look.

The best part? Change it up whenever you want! This display method’s easy application means it’s able to be rearranged whenever you see fit.