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Why Metal Prints Are the Future of Photography

Author: admin

A camera.

Paul Reynolds/flickr

Camera technology is always advancing, but it looks like printing technology is doing an impressive job of keeping up. To that end, metal prints represent one of the new frontiers of decorative photography.
Gold and silver may be “precious metals,” but there’s no metal as precious as your treasured memories, right? Think again  recent advancements in technology have made it possible to print photographs onto metal, giving your favorite pictures a vivid, defined look that you have to see to believe.
The process of metal printing, which involves the pressing of ink onto durable, high-quality sheets of aluminum, shouldn’t be confused with metallic printing, which is just basic printing onto metallic-finished paper. These images don’t have the high-definition qualities of metal prints, and they’re also far less durable.
Hanging up an authentic metal print will brighten up your blasé wall in an instant, and put your home’s decor far ahead of the curve.

Stay Awhile

Do you have photo albums that have been stained or damaged over the years? Have your old childhood photos faded so much that you can hardly distinguish your little sister from your grandma? This type of degradation is typical of your average photo print, which is just another reason why metal printing will attract more and more people in the coming years.
For starters, metal prints are resistant to water damage, which is great if you have kids, pets, or clumsy grownup family members. It’s also a lot easier to wipe off smudges and fingerprints from aluminum than it is from plastic or glass. Most importantly, metal prints easily last for decades, and won’t fade with the passage of time.
Exhale  you no longer need to live in fear of your valuable memories getting destroyed, even if your kids’ afternoon activities can get a little chaotic. Metal prints are made to last.

Brighten Up

Images printed on metal come out brighter and shinier, keeping the memory as vivid, colorful, and lucid as it was the day you took it.
Photographer Scott Kelby can attest to that vividness, saying that these prints offer a kind of visual experience that you simply can’t capture in words. He compares the experience to looking at an HDTV instead of a regular broadcast  the metal-printed images were much more detailed and defined than the ones on regular paper.
In the same way that people are upgrading their TV screens for a more engaging viewing experience, printing is also shifting away from paper and toward metal. It’s no wonder that so many expect a renewed interest in sustainability and sharp visual quality to make metal the preferred medium for photo displays in the coming years.

See For Yourself

Two printers.

liz west/flickr

Can’t envision a photo printed on aluminum? Make a metal print for yourself without any of the legwork — Printique offers all the help that you’ll need. Their online ordering service lets you print whatever photo you want, whether it’s a scanned version of an old family snapshot or your latest Instagram.
And if you need your beautiful new print ASAP, Printique will keep you updated on your shipment’s progress and provide rush delivery options. These metal prints may not cost as much as silver or gold, but we’d venture to say that they’re much more valuable.