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Metal Clusters – Printique

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

Ready to take your metal prints to the next level? Great, so are we.  Introducing our New Metal Clusters. These are perfect for those ready to make a statement piece in their home, gallery or office. So what is a Metal Cluster? Glad you asked, let’s dive into the details.
metal cluster of NYC skyline produced by printique
We take your image and divide it over a number of metal panels. The panels are then created and designed for them to hang one inch apart.  The results are nothing short of exquisite and dramatic turning your photo into a contemporary work of art. This new metal print product is the perfect piece to help create an impressive statement to create large installations of wall art.

Metal Cluster Choices

So let’s take a look at all the creative ways you can add impact to your walls with Metal Clusters. First is the rectangle triptych. It comes in three sizes 17×33, 18×36 and 30×60. These are in inches and represent overall sizes.
metal rectangle split produced by printique
Next is the square triptych. Much like the rectangle, only it offers it in three square formats 8×24, 12×36 and 20×60.
metal cluster of canyon by printique
Finally, for those looking for some tic, tac, toe action, we give you the 3×3 grid. The grid comes with 9 pieces forming the perfect square with your choice of sizes 24×24, 30×30 and 36×36.
metal cluster in grid produce by printique
The Metal Clusters come with all of the quality and excellence you expect from our metal prints.


  • Shapes: Rectangle, Square and 3×3 Grid
  • Rectangle Triptych: 17×33, 18×36 or 30×60 (overall sizes in inches)
  • Square Triptych: 8×24, 12×36, 20×60 (overall sizes in inches)
  • 3×3 Grid: 24×24, 30×30, 36×36 (overall sizes in inches)
  • Metal Surfaces: Glossy White, White Satin, Glossy Silver, Silver Satin
  • Backing: Wall Float with French Cleat
  • Turnaround Time: 5 Business Day


So are you ready to start your own metal? We thought so. You can start HERE.