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The Professional’s Ultimate Guide to Metal Photo Prints

Author: Kara Dudley

Russ Morris/flickr

Russ Morris/flickr

For a unique way to decorate your home and demonstrate your talent, turn your best photographs into long-lasting metal prints.
If you’re looking for a creative new way to display your photography, metal printing just might become your new obsession. Many of the photos you take if you’re a photographer will either end up in portfolios or in the hands of your clients, but some shots mean something truly special to you as a professional. And a metal print can demonstrate how large your passion looms in your life.
With Printique, you can take any photo and print it directly onto a sheet of metal, giving you a vibrant image that will never tear or shatter, making it easy to move from the studio to the gallery to your living room wall — as well as everywhere in between!
Whether you’re looking to make a big impression on a potential client, put your work on center stage in the home, or just do something personal with the decor, you won’t find a more versatile option.

Go Heavy Metal

One perk of printing on a metal sheet? Your image will have brighter colors, more vibrant detail, and a deeper luster than the original. Also, AdoramaPix’s printing experts will inspect your picture for quality and problem areas, so you can be sure that the final product will be 100% display-ready.
Besides being a higher quality image, metal prints will last longer than a regular photo print — at least 50 years, to be more specific. A photo printed on paper can fade in the light or get easily damaged, but metal prints are durable and resistant to water, weather damage, and scratches. They can also be cleaned with whatever glass-cleaning product you already have stored in your home.
Best of all, there’s practically no limit to your control over the final product: your metal photo can be printed in any shape or size — even one you design yourself. You can also choose from a variety of mounts, including a fold-out easel (for your desk), a floating mount, or an acrylic pedestal.
Printique also offers four finishes to choose from, including glossy finishes for an amazing shine in natural light, or satin finishes for a softer look with less reflection. We ensure that your work is put in the best light possible — the rest is up to you.

How Does it Work?

As Eric Von Lehmden writes in The Canvas Press, photographers have been printing on metal practically since the invention of photography. Early photographs were printed on metal and called “tintypes.” These days, printing on metal, a process called dye-sublimation, is a little more high-tech, and yields a much more vivid, beautiful result.
Here’s how it all happens: before the process begins, your photograph will be inspected for any imperfections. Then, your picture will be printed onto heat transfer paper, made specifically for the dye-sublimation process. At this point, the image on the heat transfer would look like a transparent, desaturated version of your original image.



This paper is then taped to a sheet of aluminum and baked. At a really high temperature, the inks turn gaseous for a split-second before getting trapped and bonded to the metal. After the paper is peeled away, the metal is allowed to cool completely, now with your image infused onto it.

Metal Works



And for professionals, these prints can be far more than just decoration. According to Mark Levesque at Professional Photographer, metal printing might be the best way to get noticed in an increasingly crowded and competitive field.
With photography equipment becoming more affordable, lots of people are seeking recognition for their snapshots. But the intense colors and details of a metal print are hard to ignore, putting you at the front of the pack.
Printique is the only company you can trust to produce your metal prints correctly — their attention to detail and mastery of the metal printing process guarantees that your image translates well to its new format.
And if you’re not sure that metal prints are for you, you can also order regular photo and acrylic prints from Printique. Whatever you choose, the result will get people’s attention — whether those people are house guests or your potential new customers.