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15 Summer Family Photo Ideas

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

Ahhh, summer how we love you! From warm days to starry nights we love everything about this season. If you’re looking for ideas to photograph, we thought we’d help you out a bit with the most iconic shots of summer. Check out our 15 summer family photo ideas.


  1. Fireworks – This tops the list of the most colorful and exciting. It’s a right of summer and celebration
  2. Vacation – In this case, it’s the journey and the destination! Snap it all!
  3. Sunsets – Deep oranges and reds during sunsets create stunning photos. Make sure to enjoy them first, then photograph them.
  4. Starry Nights – Goes without saying, point your camera to the sky, flash off and play with the bulb setting.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  5. Beach – Play with the sun and shadows and the water. Photograph loved ones playing and chilling out.
  6. Pool – Bump up the contrast with the brilliant blue of pool water and floaties. Want to try going underwater? Click HERE to get started.
  7. Sprinkler Running – If you didn’t run through a sprinkler, did summer really happen? Try bumping up the shutter speed to capture the action and water droplets.
  8. Camping – Smores, hiking, and boating – make sure to capture it all.
  9. Ice Cream – ‘Nuff said.
  10. Flowers – Be proud of your garden and flowers! Try some close ups or shoot at 1.4 aperture and watch the bokeh do its thing!
  11. Get Togethers – You know those friends and family that come over on lazy afternoons and hang out in your backyard? Yah, that’s gold, make sure to document it.
  12. Concerts – Outdoor concerts are the best! Photograph what you can and chase locations if you can to get different perspectives.
  13. Fireflies– This.is.Epic. Try using the bulb setting to get a wide shot of them. Or, put them in a jar and do a close-up.
  14. Barbecues – Photograph your talents as a chef!
  15. Festivals – Street Fairs – There is so much action going on at festivals and fairs, make sure to capture it all from the delicious food to the rides!

Just by photographing these every year, iconic shots you’ve already made enough to fill a photo book! Ready to start your Summer 2017 photo book? Click HERE!