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Gift Guide: Birthday

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

For some, it’s an exciting landmark about growing older and having new experiences. For others, it’s a reminder of how far they’ve come. However you choose to look at it, birthdays are the perfect time to show someone how much you care. Whether it’s a parent, friend, sibling, coworker or anyone else you have a connection with, photo gifts are an excellent, personal way to do so.

Photo gifts turn your experiences and time together into a sentimental item they can enjoy for years to come. They might be functional or decorative, but you can always count on them to be special.

Choosing Your Photos

Before you print on anything, you have to pick your photos. This can be difficult, especially if you save every picture you ever take. Try to narrow it down and find pictures of the two of you that will look good on any photo gift idea for a birthday. These kinds of pictures include photos of:

  • You two together: A classic photo of the two of you together is always a great option. Bonus points if you’re doing something that was memorable or exciting, like going on a vacation or attending a concert.
  • Something the birthday boy or girl enjoys: Sometimes you want to make it all about them. Does your friend really like elephants or love to cook? See if you can get a picture of those interests that they can use as decor, such as an artistic photo of an elephant on the savanna or a close-up shot of baking ingredients.
  • The people or pets that are important to them: Consider a family photo or a large-format print of their beloved dog. Seeing those you love in a photo is always a great way to start your day.

Think about the age and gender of your recipient, too. Girls tend to appreciate artsier gifts, while boys might like something more adventurous or functional. Teenagers have different priorities than adults, so consider their interests and hobbies when picking your images. Photo gifts are all about personalization, so make your present speak to them directly.

Birthday Gift Ideas

Personalized photo gifts are so much more than just prints — though prints are a classic option for a reason. Your options for customizable presents have expanded greatly in recent years — you can print your favorite picture on everything from a puzzle to a water bottle. Here are some of our favorite ideas for photo gifts:


photo books on table by printique

1. Photo Book

If you have so many photos that you simply can’t pick one, a photo book is the way to go. With photo books, you can put together all your precious memories or create a themed collection. Whether it’s for your best friend, a family member or someone else important in your life, photo books have a way of pulling together all of your favorite memories.

We can customize your photo book with an array of cover options and sizes, so you can please the tastes of any recipient. For something extra special and elegant, like a milestone birthday, consider a premium album with features like gilded edges, classy covers and thick, textured pages.

coffee mugs by printique on table


Do you have a coffee or tea drinker in your life? Personalized mugs are a great way to show them you care and to keep their coworker from accidentally stealing it every morning. We now carry 11-ounce mugs and 15-ounce bistro-style mugs. You can print a photo of the two of you, a collage of your family or cover it in baby pictures for them to show to everyone in the office or admire as they get ready in the morning.

water bottle with dog on it manufactured by printique

3. Water Bottle – NEW PRODUCT

A reusable water bottle both helps the planet and helps your recipient stay hydrated and healthy throughout the day. Put a collage of you and your bestie on it or their pet. If the recipient is an athlete, you could add a picture of their team. They’ll use it while they train and remember what all the hard work is for.

4. Collage-NEW PRODUCT

If you can’t choose just one photo, put them all together in a collage. Some photo collage ideas for a birthday include a “year-in-review,” a celebration of your friendship, pictures of a big event from that year and family photos. Print your collage on canvas or put it in a frame for a finishing touch.

drink coasters by printique on coffee table

5. Coasters- NEW PRODUCT

For a gift that doubles as functional home decor, try coasters. Print off a collection of wedding photos or pictures of the family for a full coaster set.

6. Journals – NEW PRODUCT

Know someone who’s always leaving notes around? Get them some a personalized journal to add a little charm to their scribblings.  Create custom photo journals using any of your favorite pictures.  The journals can be used for recipes, to-do lists, or even a private diary!

puzzle of boat by printique on coffee table

7. Puzzle- NEW PRODUCT

This is one gift that will keep them entertained for a while. For the problem-solving puzzle-lover in your life, a photo puzzle is an excellent way to give them a gift that is meaningful and experiential. Plus, when they finish the puzzle, they can hang it up as decor. It can also make for a cute date-night activity.

acrylic photo cubes on desk by printiuqe

8. Acrylic Cube

Desk cubes are a simple, beloved gift that puts your favorite photos in a 3D display. The viewer can see the image from all sides and get a beautiful sight of the treasured moment. Whether it’s a baby picture, a pet picture or a photo of you together, acrylic cubes remind them of the things they love most.

9. Ornaments – NEW PRODUCT

When the holidays roll around, there’s no better present than a customized ornament. These festive gifts come in all shapes and materials, including wood, ceramic and metal. To celebrate the holidays and your friendship at the same time, consider this thoughtful printed gift.

10. Canvas or Specialty Print

If you want a personalized birthday gift idea that will truly stand out, try a specialty print or a large canvas. These are excellent ways to create a specific tone or feel. Canvases make your photo pop off the wall and make nearly any subject look good. In addition to canvas and large-format prints, we also offer the following specialty prints:

  • Acrylic prints: Encase your photo in a beautiful layer of acrylic that offers a light-refracting 3D effect.
  • Wood prints: Put your photo directly on wood for a rustic, cozy feel that shows off the natural grain of the wood panel.
  • Metal prints: Infuse an image with a sheet of metal for a one-of-a-kind birthday gift. Metal prints are great for more masculine gifts, like photos of cars, but they also look stunning with a variety of subjects.
  • Standout prints: Somewhere between a canvas and a traditional print, these standout photos lift your print off the wall and add another dimension.

Photo Birthday Gifts From Printique

No matter who your recipient is, we’ve got a personalized birthday present for them. Whether they’re cool and sophisticated, with a taste for the finer things, or more vibrant and want something colorful and fun, you can give them exactly that with a custom gift.

With Printique, quality doesn’t have to be costly. We’ve been making custom photo gifts for years and know how important presents can be. With our advanced printing methods and manual quality review, you can trust that Printique lives up to its satisfaction guarantee. Take a look at our product assortment today to see how Printique can take your next gift-giving experience to the next level.