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"Luminaries" Solo Art Show with Rafael Fuchs

NY Post
Time Out NYC
Peta PixelJoin us for “Luminaries,” an exquisite art show at the newly opened 19th Street Gallery in Printique, featuring the masterful work of renowned artist Rafael Fuchs.Our next event will be a special Walk-Through with the Artist at our 19th Street location from 6-8pm on March 13th!

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With an illustrious career that has graced prestigious spaces like The National Portrait Gallery in London and the Tel Aviv Museum, Fuchs brings an unparalleled collection to our space. “Luminaries” showcases captivating portraits of iconic figures such as Burt Reynolds, Mary J. Blige, Colin Powell, Beyonce, and many more.

Fuchs’ lens has immortalized diverse personalities, creating an intimate and compelling narrative. As we unveil this exhibition, we aim to foster a community that celebrates local Brooklyn-based events throughout 2024 and beyond. Your presence will make this opening a truly luminous experience.


🎨📸 Calling all Brooklyn/NYC creatives! 📸🎨
Are you a talented artist, photographer, or artisan looking to share your expertise with others? Printique by @Adorama is excited to open up our gallery space for workshops and events! 🖼️✨
🏢 Venue: Our gallery space can accommodate up to 25 people and is available for events from 5-7pm on weekdays (Monday-Thursday).
💡 Workshop Ideas: From photography workshops to artisan craft classes, the possibilities are endless! Bring your creativity and share your skills with the community. Please note, no acrylic or oil paint workshops allowed in the space.
💰 Commission: Printique will take a 20% commission off all tickets sold for your workshop.
🔍 Criteria: Workshops must be open to Brooklyn/NYC locals, and attendees are required to bring their own supplies. All workshop ideas are welcome!
⚠️ Liability Notice: All attendees must sign a form holding Printique not liable for any injuries or issues during workshops.
📢 Cross-Promotion: If selected, you’ll be required to cross-promote the event across social media and Eventbrite with Printique by Adorama.
Interested in hosting a workshop in our gallery space? Comment below or send us a message with your workshop proposal! Let’s showcase Brooklyn’s creative talent together. 🌟
*If interested, please email our curator at gabrielleg@printique.com ✨

For general questions please email us at service@printique.com

Gallery hours:
On view February 8th 2024 until March 14th 2024

*Monday 9-5pm 

*Thursday 9-7pm