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Women's History Month – Meet Marta McAdams

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

March is Women’s History Month. While many of us know the women who were the early pioneers of photography, we wanted to introduce you to a new class of female photographers who are making waves of their own. First, let’s meet Marta McAdams of Marta McAdams Photography. 
Marta McAdams is a beauty photographer born in Poland at the tail end of communism and the cold war.  She grew up as a nationally selected violinist in the Polish music system with knowledge of all things western but no idea that her path in life would lead her to the distinctively dirty streets of New York City.
Her first westward progression led her to college in Germany where she achieved Masters Degrees in the studies of Western Culture and Roman Philogy. While living in Bremen, she picked up her first Nikon camera and began to shoot what she saw around her. She spent tie working for a United Nations Secretary – General’s Special Adviser, until a chance meeting led to love and a move across the ocean to New York City.
One visit to the city and she knew she belonged.
Labios Rotos
Making Brooklyn her home after getting married, Marta was shooting in earnest and quickly landed positions as an assistant for a world-renowned beauty photographer and the first-call photographer for the Fashion Bomb Daily.

Marta found her voice as a beauty photographer specializing in skin, lips and jewelry and found herself published numerous times before getting selected as one of two photographers in the world to shoot the United Nations building for their Gala 70th Anniversary Postage Stamp. 

Marta now shoots in various studios around Manhattan and Brooklyn with a focus and emphasis on commercial photography and edgy ad campaigns. Her mission is to create unique, memorable imagery for her clients to stand out and emerge in the beauty market.

With several  campaigns in the works and an ever-evolving style, Marta lives in Brooklyn still with her musician husband and their precocious French Bulldog, Mia.

Marta’s work has been published internationally, and her client list includes UNO, Covergirl, Glamour Magazine and much more. In 2015, she was chosen as one of the winners of American Photography 31.

Thank you Marta, if you would like to see more of her work you can check out her website HERE.