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Women's History Month – Meet Elizabeth Messina

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

March is Women’s History Month. While many of us know the women who were the early pioneers of photography, we wanted to introduce you to a new class of female photographers who are making waves of their own. Today, the spotlight falls on  Elizabeth Messina.

(Elizabeth pictured below with 2 of her three children)
0019elizabeth messina
Elizabeth is a happily married artist and mother of three. Most days she has a camera in hand and is creating images that reflect the love and beauty in life. As a master of natural light and film, it’s no wonder her images have graced the covers and pages of countless magazines, and continue to take her to the far corners of the world. Elizabeth’s first book THE LUMINOUS PORTRAIT (with long time friend, Rangefinder Editor-In-Chief Jacqueline Tobin) offers intimate insight into her creative process was published in 2012. More recently her second book, New York Times best seller THE SILVER LINING, a collaboration with her close friend Hollye Jacobs, has touched the lives of many with this supportive, inspirational and visually beautiful guide to breast cancer.
elizabeth messina1
Elizabeth’s photographs are graceful, full of emotion and compositional elegance. Although often sought after by celebritiesand  design-savvy clientele, (Jessica Simpson, Lauren Conrad, etc.,)Elizabeth is most happy spending time with her three beautiful children and husband. When she is not capturing other people’s love stories, you’ll find her at home, nurturing her own.

If you want to keep up with Elizabeth’s work and life, follow her thoughtfully curated Instagram feed @elizabethmessina or stop by her website ElizabethMessina.com for a little love and inspiration.