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Women's History Month – Meet Daniela Majic

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

March is Women’s History Month. While many of us know the women who were the early pioneers of photography, we wanted to introduce you to a new class of women photographers who are making waves of their own. Today, we are enchanted by the works of  Daniela Majic of Daniela Majic Photography.
A fashion and fine art photographer residing in Canada, Daniela’s work can be seen in numerous magazines across the globe. With selected work featured on Fashion TV and Best of on Vogue Italia. Daniela infuses the world of fashion and fairytales combining the elements she loves to create fantastical works of art. Daniela is known for creating her own sets, clothing and props for her shoots. Daniela’s latest venture is her ongoing series ‘Secret Garden‘. She sells prints from her series for charity ‘Because I am a Girl’, which is dedicated to empowering females worldwide and securing equal rights and access to things like education and employment for girls and women.
Clients and magazines include: Vogue Italia, Chloe Magazine, Macmillian Publishers, Marie Claire, Coco Indie, Ligne Magazine, Advanced Photographer Magazine, Fashion TV and many more.
If you would like to see more of her work you can visit her website at DanielaMajicPhotoraphy.com