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Why We Love Classic Photo Prints

Author: The Printique Team

If you’ve ever had your photos printed, it’s likely you started with classic photo prints – whether your first printed photos were developed off a film role or uploaded from your iPhone; Often they’re the first method that comes to mind when people think of photo printing – they are called “classic” prints after all!

While there are a number of printing styles we absolutely adore, we can’t deny that we, too, share a soft spot for classic prints.  From their nostalgic qualities to their versatility, here’s what we love about them.

They’re Inexpensive

Classic photo prints cost less than $0.50, meaning you don’t have to be quite as picky when it comes to deciding what to print.  When you’re first experimenting with either photography or photo printing, they’re a great way to learn your likes and dislikes.  With different sizes, orientations, and finishes, classic prints can lead you to your own unique style before you invest in larger, more expensive methods of printing.

Woman looks at classic photo prints on coffee table.

They’re Versatile

The light weight and small size of classic prints makes them perfect for decorating hard-to-decorate spaces. Add them to the back of your bedroom or closet door; Use them along the border of mirrors; Hang them on your fridge with magnets.  

Their range doesn’t stop there; Classic photo prints are useful beyond décor projects.  From scrapbooking to sharing photos in the mail, classic prints are functional ways of documenting your memories in a tangible way. Use them to add personalized notes to your child’s lunch box, or keep them in your car’s glove compartments to keep you company on long drives.

A range of classic photo print sizes splayed on counter top.

They’re Easy to Hang

You don’t need nails or drills to display classic photo prints on your wall.  With just a few pieces of tape – double-sided if you’re feeling lavish! – they’ll stay put for the long haul.  This makes it possible to hang them where other prints can’t be hung: on mirrors, on the fridge, on doors, and even on the ceiling!

If you’re an indecisive decorator who loves to mix things up every few weeks, classic prints are perfect for you. Move them to align with furniture rotations, or swap them out regularly with entirely new prints; However you choose to decorate, it will be painless and leave no permanent markings to your walls. Win, win, win!

They’re Date Stamped

Each of our classic photo prints comes with a stamp of your file’s name on the back. This makes it easy to date each of your images! Simply name the image file with the date the photo was taken and each of your photos will come date stamped. When you reminisce on photos years from now, it will be easy to remember when and where the photo was taken.

They’re High Quality

The low price and light weight of classic photo prints doesn’t reflect their quality.  Printique offers the same state-of-the-art online picture printing services that the pros receive to all of our clients. Our lab specialists are expertly versed in printing large images and custom sizes, so that each of your prints is delivered with the greatest possible quality. 

There are few things more disappointing than waiting eagerly for your print order, just for them to arrive blurry, grainy, discolored, or cropped incorrectly. That’s why Printique is dedicated to bringing your images to life as richly as you experienced them first-hand.