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Wedding Favors with Binder Clips and Printique Prints

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

Wedding season is here and if you are looking to create personal and unique wedding favors, we have the perfect answer for you. Printique prints, binder clips, and tiles from your local home improvement store are the items you need to make a memorable table display for your wedding. diy1a (1)   Here is what you need: * Tiles that are at least 1″ wide * Medium binder clips *4×4 prints from Printique * Poster tack Take apart the sheet of tiles so you have individual tiles. Next, put poster tack  on the top, attach the binder clip and insert a photo. That’s it.  The poster tack is needed to keep the clip in its place. diy2   You can get even more creative and paint a colorful edge on your tile to match the binder clip. We painted the sides of this tile with fingernail polish. weddingfavor These are an easy, affordable and creative way to display personal photos at your wedding. Your guests will love these tiny favors that can fit anywhere and they can change out the photos at any time. Here is a list of where you can find the materials for these wedding favors. PhotosPrintique 4×4 prints with white borders  TilesHome Depot  Binder ClipsTarget  Poster Tack –  Amazon.com We love all things binder clips, what ideas do you have to display photos with binder clips?