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Photo Arrangements to Brighten Any Room

Author: The Printique Team



You don’t need a lot of room or money to brighten up your living space, as long as you have high-quality family photos and know how to hang them.
Photos are reminders of our most treasured memories, but with so many stored away on our laptops, they often end up doing very little reminding. Why get them printed and display them in their most vivid, attractive form?
You might have a few small photos hanging around the house, but chances are that you’ve still got plenty of room on those walls — consider filling the space with the memories you’d otherwise find by searching tirelessly through an online album.
Decorating with photos takes smart choices when it comes to print size, framing, and arrangement. Here are some tips to help you make suitable, beautiful family keepsakes a part of your entire home, from bedroom to bathroom.

Make a Dramatic Display

Jocelyn Durston/flickr

Jocelyn Durston/flickr

One option is to print and frame a bunch of different photos and arrange them in a playful way, adding instant character to your wall. You can experiment not only with the placement and arrangements of the photos, but with their colors and sizes, as well as those of their frames. I like to mix larger pictures with smaller ones of the same color for a mosaic-like feel.
If you’d like to display photos from a special event, this approach has a particularly powerful impact. It allows you to either throw a flurry of memories together or arrange them chronologically. Your final product should reflect your family and its memories, as well as make for a great conversation piece.
I also use the multi-frame cluster method to decorate the wall next to my staircase — and you can too! Simply follow the upward gradient of the staircase when hanging your frames. To do that, put a thumbtack through the wall exactly five and a half feet above the bottom step.
Then, do the same thing to the space above the top step. You can then tie a piece of string or yarn between the two pins, giving you an exact idea of the gradient along which you should hang your photos.

Try a Collage Frame

If you’re a little short on wall space, frames with multiple openings are great. And there’s still room for experimentation — you can play with the coloring of the photos with online editing tools when you order prints from Printique, letting you choose either to contrast or match the frame.
This method of collaging also allows for a simpler hanging process than the multi-frame option, which is a plus if you aren’t so handy with a hammer and nail.

Hanging Frameless Photos

Emily Schreck/flickr

Emily Schreck/flickr

If, on the other hand, you are the handy type and aren’t satisfied with something so store-bought as a picture frame, you can still hang your photos in a polished, unique way using clips, hooks, string, and wire. A clothesline with clothespins is a fun, unique way to display pictures and can add a playful feel to your child’s room.
I love to get creative, and you should feel free to take the same liberties — maybe even create a frame with broken tree branches to let the outside in. Artists’ easels make for another bright display option.

The Online Wall Collage

This last option is the easiest, and therefore my favorite! Using Printique, you can make a photo collage online and have it printed with high-quality materials. Whereas ready-made collage frames don’t offer you any customization, the prints and collage styles available from Printique are practically endless, making your final product as personal as possible without any of the decorating hassles.
The site also offers you a bunch of frame options to choose from and delivers your order straight to your door. Printique products have all the polish you could want, and each print is given a White-Glove inspection by one of our certified experts. Explore the site’s printing options and collage-creating services to turn your home into a beautiful showcase today.