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Top 10 Sports Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

Action photography may be one of the most difficult genres of photography. To catch the action in such a way as to showcase the movement and skill necessary to complete the action requires a great understanding of how cameras work and how people move. Good action and sports photographers know how to catch the mood of the sporting event, the emotion and dedication of the athlete, and how they interact with the given environment.
Whether your love is of sports or photography, or both, this list is sure to please. The ten photographers we chose to share with you shoot amazing pictures and are worthy of their many Instagram followers. From the unaltered photographs, to the ones enhanced with artistic flair, you can’t deny their professional attention to detail. Enjoy the photos included here, and be sure to follow these guys on Instagram!
10. Dave Lehl
Dave Lehl has shot for companies such as Mountain Dew and Oakley. He shoots many sports, including basketball and has worked with NBA athletes. However, his first love is skateboarding.


9. Morgan Maassen
Another Californian surfing photographer, Morgan Maassen prefers to focus on the athlete; the person in the action rather than the action itself.


8. James Rushforth
Featured in National Geographic, The Times and The Daily Telegraph, James Rushforth photographs extreme outdoor sports across the world. He is part of the Norrøna Pro Team and is primarily interested in climbing and skiing.


7. Tristan Shu
Tristan Lebeschu better known as Tristan Shu is a self-taught outdoor, action, and extreme sports photographer who focuses on skiing and paragliding.


6. Lucas Gilman
California native, Lucas Gilman is a world wide adventure photographer who covers a wide range of sports including kayaking, surfing, skiing, biking, horse racing, NFL playoffs, and the X-Games.


5. Bob Martin
Bob Martin is a sports photographer who has covered the last fourteen Summer and Winter Olympics among other sporting events. His work has been featured in Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek, Life Magazine, and the New York Times, just to name a few.


4. Brian Bielmann
A world wide surfing photographer, Brian Bielmann has had his work recognized by Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, National Geographic and Sports Illustrated.


3. Rutger Pauw
A sports photographer that prefers to focus on the picture rather than the specific action being performed, Rutger Pauw is as unique as his photography.


2. Dan Vojtech
Born in the Czech Republic, Dan Vojtech started as a black and white skateboarding photographer. He expanded into both color and other sports. He is now the official photographer for Red Bull.


1. Samo Vidic
Another Red Bull photographer is Samo Vidic. He shoots for Limex images, and contributes to Getty images. He has also had his work featured in ESPN publications.


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