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Top 10 Landscape Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

Landscape photography can take on many forms, from the massive and majestic to the park around the corner. Although many landscape photographers focus on nature, there are those who focus on man made features as well. It’s also interesting to see how man made structures accent or detract from the environment around them.

Many genres of photography overlap, and landscape photography is one that fits in with almost every other genre. No matter what the subject of the photograph is, it takes place at a specific location. It’s hard to photograph sports, travel, architecture, and even some portraits without taking in the surrounding landscape.

The following list of landscape photographers highlights some of the best in landscape photography. Whether for inspirational views, or to get ideas for your next endeavor, let the photographers on our list give you regular doses of the best in landscape photography. Follow them on Instagram now and be sure to follow Printique as well.

Top 10 Landscape Photographers

10. Mark Gray
A self-taught photographer, Mark Gray shoots panoramic landscapes using a special panoramic camera that allows for large scale printing with amazing clarity.

9. Max Rive
Max Rive harbors a love of mountains and landscapes. His interest in photography flourished into a full time career and has led to his recognition worldwide as one of the best landscape photographers.

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A sunny autumn day in Patagonia, Argentina..

A post shared by Max Rive (@maxrivephotography) on

8. Kilian Schoenberger
As a professional landscape photographer and geographer, Kilian Schoenberger uses the fact that he is color blind to focus on the patterns found within landscapes rather than the hues they display.

7. Antony Spencer
With a love for the outdoors, Antony Spencer developed a reputation as an excellent landscape photographer. He brings to the genre of landscape photography an eye for lighting.

6. Alex Noriega
Through processing and development, Alex Noriega conveys his unique interpretation of the landscapes he photographs. He is especially partial to the Apostle Islands and ice caves of Lake Superior.

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"Grand Light", Grand Canyon, Arizona, 2011

A post shared by Alex Noriega (@noriegaphotography) on

5. Trey Ratcliff
Born blind in one eye, Trey Ratcliff uses his view of the world in addition to his background in mathematics to approach landscape photography in perhaps an unusual way. He uses mathematical principles with his HDR photography to capture the landscapes around him.

4. Lars Van De Goor
Lars Van De Goor has a deep appreciation for nature, especially trees. He uses lighting and his understanding of composition as it relates to both music and photography to capture scenes that exude a magical essence.


3. Marc Adamus
Impassioned by the emotional quality of nature, Marc Adamus seeks to share the moods and drama that he both senses and sees in the landscapes he photographs.

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In 2002 I took a film image here that later won a major international contest (EPI) and helped launch my career in photography. I returned here, not far from my own back yard, for thousands of shots over dozens of visits in the next decade or so, but it wasn't until 2015 I ever got a single image I prefered to the original, even despite all the advances in capturing wave action! This is that 2015 image. Believe me when I say skies and waves and light like this doesn't happen often on Oregon's coast. In fact, as someone who has had a home near Oregon's coast for most for their life, I can tell you without a doubt it's one of the least likely places to see a good sunset anywhere! But I guess when they do come along the light makes such an impression it's hard to forget. d810, 1/4 second.

A post shared by Marc Adamus (@marcadamus) on

2. Vincent Favre
Vincent Favre, like his counterparts in the field of landscape photography, is inundated by the magic of nature. He attempts to capture this magic and the beauty of nature in an effort to encourage others to respect our planet.


1. Chris Burkard
The untamed environment is what most inspires landscape photographer, Chris Burkard. Along with other nature loving landscape photographers, Burkard wants to inspire people to preserve the world around them.

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