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Top 10 Celebrity Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

What is the fascination with celebrities? They’re everywhere. Movie and TV stars, writers, directors, producers, composers, artists, chefs, musicians and authors. They predominate a hearty portion of our day through visual media, including the magazine selection conveniently located in the checkout line at many stores. We see what they wear, their hair style, and their accessories. We see their relationships displayed before us. We admire them, or despise them. Find them fascinating or frustrating. Regardless of how we feel, our emotions have been stirred.

When I look at photographs of celebrities, two things pop out at me: the overall look (clothes, hair, makeup) the celebrity is modeling, and the emotion they’re conveying. A good celebrity photographer can catch the lighting just right to show off the physical look of the person, and is capable of pulling it off even when the subject is in motion. Even more important, in my opinion, is catching the glimpse of emotion within the individual. The sparkle in the eye, the twitch at the corner of the lips, the stance or body language captured all help the audience get a sense of what the celebrity is feeling. Photographers who work with people know how important it is to catch those moments.

This list includes ten of the best celebrity portrait photographers. If you enjoy following celebrities, you may also enjoy following the photographers who bring you so close to them. Each of these photographers has an account with Instagram. Check them out, and follow them.

10. Russell James
Working as both a photographer and director, Russell James is known for his photographic accomplishments in the entertainment, fashion, and advertising industries.


9. Tom Munro
Although Tom Munro began and continues to work as a renowned fashion photographer, he is also widely respected for his celebrity portraits.


8. Mario Testino
Successful as a fashion and portrait photographer, Mario Testino‘s career led him to gain opportunities to photograph royalty in addition to super stars and super models.


7. Mark Seliger
Mark Seliger is known for his portraitures of musicians, which makes sense considering he started out as the chief photographer for Rolling Stone magazine, a position he held for ten years.


6. Albert Watson
With his works featured in the likes of Vogue and Rolling Stone, Albert Watson is known worldwide for his celebrity portraits, as well as fashion and art photography.


5. Anton Corbijn
Photographer, Anton Corbijn is also a music video and film director. When you visit his Instagram page, you’ll notice that many of his celebrity portraits include famous musicians.


4. Dan Winters
Dan Winters, who began as a photojournalist, is known for his range of ability, including scientific photography, but is also recognized as one of the best celebrity photographers.


3. Nadav Kander
Known for his portrait and landscape photos, Nadav Kander is also an artist and director. His work has been featured in several exhibits and he has received many awards.


2. Marco Grob
Starting out as a still life photographer, Marco Grob has become one of the most recognized portrait photographers. He has worked with headlining actors and musicians, had his work featured in magazines such as Vogue and Time, and won numerous awards, including an EMMY.


1. Annie Leibovitz
Widely considered one of the best portrait photographers around, Annie Leibovitz, has a long career of many notable accomplishments, including a Clio Award. She started out at Rolling Stone magazine, then shot cover photos for Vanity Fair, was the official photographer of the 1996 Summer Olympics, and has had her work exhibited across the country.


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