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Top 10 Architectural Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

Architecture is the aesthetic convergence of form and function. Architectural designs vary from residential to commercial, industrial to commemorative, and include the basic structures that make up any building. Likewise, architectural photographers often specialize in a certain field of architecture or develop a preference for interior versus exterior photography. As with every genre of photography, architectural photographers also have their own equipment preferences, including whether or not to use HDR.
There is something special about an architectural photographer. Like the architect themselves, these photographers have an uncanny ability to see geometrical designs that both flow into and interrupt the environment. It is their job to help us see architecture through this lens.
We’ve created a list of ten of the world’s best architectural photographers that you can follow on Instagram. Let them inspire you, and show you the world from a different point of view. Who knows, you might just get an idea that you can use in your next project.
10. Iwan Baan
Iwan Baan is an architectural photographer whose photographs make use of light, especially light radiating through windows, to soften industrial architecture.


9. Fernando Guerra
White is a color that appeals to our sense of perfection and purity. Fernando Guerra photographs buildings in such a way as to convey their ideal state of flawless beauty, which is particularly evident in his shots of white architecture.


8. Josef Schulz
Every day and abandoned structures deserve the same appreciation as the finest buildings. Josef Schulz makes sure these often overlooked pieces of architecture get the care and attention usually reserved for the well-known.


7. Nick Guttridge
It is easy to consider buildings works of art, but they are also spaces of function. Nick Guttridge gets that. He often includes people in his photographs of various buildings, thus showing the purpose they have.


6. Daniel Hewitt
Daniel Hewitt is known for his photographs of Tate Modern Tanks that celebrate the construction process, as well as his Geometry + Geology series that compared urban architecture with rural rock structures.


5. Mike Hollman
Mike Hollman is a professional commercial photographer who specializes in architectural photography. His work is recognized internationally, and he has gained the position of Grand Master of Photography for the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography.


4. Daniel Cheong
Hyperreal photographer Daniel Cheong takes his already remarkable architectural photographs and adds his artistic digital touch to create unique shots that ironically mimic the photorealism movement that overtook the art community decades ago.


3. Joao Morgado
Architectural and aerial photographer, Joao Morgado merged the two genres in 2013 by using remote controlled drones to photograph buildings and architectural structures from above.


2. Matthias Haker
Combining his love of architecture and art, Matthias Haker has established a distinct form of architectural photography that makes use of color and space. His preference for abandoned buildings also allows him to create stunning juxtapositions between decrepit buildings and lush encroaching nature.


1. Randy Scott Slavin
Photographing architecture and urban structures isn’t enough for Randy Scott Slaving. This photographer/artist pieces together multiple photos to create unique views of cityscapes and anything else at which he points his camera.


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