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The Prints Your Clothing Brand Needs

Author: The Printique Team

The fashion industry is competitive – that much is obvious. With dozens of multi-billion dollar, fast-fashion corporations dominating the space, it’s not easy for small business clothing brands to thrive; But if anyone can do it, it’s you.

These three easy-to-implement photo print ideas are dependable ways to elevate your brand, get your foot in the door with new clients and retailers, and turn first-time shoppers into lifelong customers.

New Release Cards

When you’re responsible for the success of your business, you’re responsible for making as much noise around your products as possible. From social media to advertisements, letting people know that you exist is the first step when it comes to achieving your business goals. Mailed announcement cards are an easy and approachable way to get new eyes on your products when you’re first starting out!

Email marketing is laden with rules, that if broken can land your company with some (at the very least) inconvenient punishments. Mail sent the old-fashioned way, however, simply has to be post-marked. Utilizing carrier routes will have your announcement cards bulk delivered – for a discounted price – to every home within a certain delivery area; This allows you to target customers within your delivery range or near your store front, which is critical when you’re starting small!

Start by focusing your cards on big announcements – from sales to grand openings and product launches. As your company grows, you can curate your mailing list to send specific materials to certain buyers based on their shopping history – or lack thereof.

A Look Book

If you want to grow your revenue and brand awareness fast, you’ll want to get your clothing items featured in a larger retail store. A look book can help you do just that.

A look book is a way to showcase your products with intention. While bringing in some of your products first-hand is also key, being able to choose pictures that show your products in their best light gives you control over the retailer’s perception of your brand. Plus, it allows you to show off the range of products you carry; Maybe they weren’t a fan of the t-shirts you brought in, but loved the sweatshirts you featured in your look book. Your look book just turned a disappointing no into a celebratory handshake.

Being prepared when you pitch to local distributors is also essential in landing the deal. Not only does it establish your credibility in the space and your potential value to the store, but it ensures the store owner that you won’t cause problems; You’ll be communicative and prepared when it counts. After all, no one wants to work with someone who will make their life harder.

Modeling Displays

Don’t leave your proudest items to the imagination! Large prints of your clothes being modeled is among the most powerful assets your clothing brand can have – it’s arguably as critical as having a company name. One advantage of these displays is that they allow you to group two of your items together; If a shopper loves the sweater being worn by one of your models, chances are they’ll be swayed to purchase the pants she’s wearing, too. I mean, after all, they look amazing together!

Modeling displays also allow you to strengthen your brand identity: Who is your target audience? What types of activities are they involved in? What style of photo will they relate to? With prints of your clothing items, customers will get an immediate read on your brand when they step foot in the door. If they resonate with what they see, consider the sale already made.

Finally, photo displays let your customer fall in love with what your brand can do for them. Perhaps you showcase photos of friends, or models with their hair flying free out a car window. While you sell clothes, you have the ability to sell so much more: confidence, adventure, laughter, individuality. Consider what it is your brand really has to offer and sell it loud and proud on large photo displays.