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The Photo Prints Every Wedding Business Needs

Author: The Printique Team

Weddings are incredibly visual celebrations; No matter what angle your wedding-related business takes, being able to showcase your work visually will be critical in your business’s future.  From wedding cake designers to florists, caterers, and wedding planners, here are the photo prints sure to land any wedding business in a world of success.

A Before and After Book

Highlighting the transformation your business brings to a space is an exceptional way to demonstrate your value – even if that ‘space’ is an unfrosted cake!

Before-and-after photos cast your net as wide as possible when it comes to piquing a client’s interest; It doesn’t only show what you’re capable of, but the experience you have working in very specific spaces. What a client once thought was impossible is now possible – as long as they put you in charge. Showing how you turned a green patch into an outdoor oasis for a stunning ceremony could be the very display that lands you your client.

Photos of the various ways a venue can be designed is a significant asset to the venue owners as well.  Don’t leave your business up to your potential client’s imagination; While many aspects of your venue may speak for themselves – such as beautiful outdoor spaces or floor-to-ceiling windows – it’s up to you to show your potential client what’s possible in your space. 

A Detailed Look Book

A wedding is all about the details; Show what sets your business apart from all the rest with a comprehensive look book; and when we say comprehensive, we mean it. If you’re a florist, feature all of the most beautiful bouquets and arrangements you’ve ever created and each flower you have in your store. If you’re a caterer, leave no entree, appetizer, or dessert behind. If you’re a venue owner, highlight every detail that makes your venue special – from the species of flower that grows outside to the crystals on your chandelier. You never know what photo will make the soon-to-be-newlyweds say, “That’s the one!”

A Year in Review Book

The best part about a year-in-review book for a wedding business? That it’s guaranteed to be beautiful! A year-in-review book can showcase anything from the year’s biggest successes to your favorite projects, the portfolio work of new team members, or the exciting projects you have ahead. With this one marketing device, you accomplish so much for your business.

A year-in-review book makes people talk about you. Design your book in a way that makes it impossible not to share. Your prior clients are sure to bring your book to the attention of their wedding-planning friends, whether for inspiration or direct recommendations. It doesn’t hurt that their glowing review will include how special you made them feel as a client – I mean, look, you even featured them in your book!

A year-in-review book also prepares you for upcoming pitches. It forces you to put time into presenting the year’s accomplishments in the most attractive way possible and leaves you with a semi-permanent pitch deck. There’s no better way to head into the new year!

Thank You Cards

The wedding industry relies heavily on recommendations – brides talk! Thank you cards are a fantastic way to make sure your happy clients spread the good word.  Be blunt – let them know where they can leave you a positive review if they were happy with your service.