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Support Black Photographers: A Resource List

Author: The Printique Team

Today kicks off Black History Month, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the influence Black photographers have had in the space; But before we continue to benefit from the contributions of Black artists, let’s make sure they’re receiving the support and recognition they deserve.

We’ve put together this resource list of Black photographers to hire, buy from, and connect with on various platforms. While diversifying the perspectives of the art you consume should be prioritized year-round, the celebration of Black History Month is the perfect time to make it a habit.

We encourage you to also explore the databases and resources mentioned below (Black Women Photographers and See In Black specifically) for a wider list of Black photographers compiled by other Black creators in the space.

Ready to discover and support incredible creators? Here’s what to do.

Photo by Andra C. Taylor

Hire Them

One of the best ways you can support Black photographers is by hiring them. Given our proximity to NYC and the large number of our readers from the New York area, we’ve limited this list to New York-based or willing-to-travel photographers. However, there are a number of great resources to find Black photographers available for hire all over the world.

Visit Black Women Photographers to request access to a comprehensive list of Black women photographers aligning with your hiring needs; Diversity.Photo features an ever-growing data base of 1,000+ Black photographers around the world who are available for hire; Explore the work of 80 Black photographers with breathtaking talent on the collective See In Black.

Each photographer below is accompanied by a link to their webpage and a snippet of the photographer bio featured on their site.

Photo by Tyler Sakil

Chi Chi Ari LoveMy process during every wedding is to capture heart and soul. I use a photojournalistic style to capture delicate details, special moments, and heartfelt emotion that highlight the unique mood of each wedding. Really, I just love a good story and couples vowing their forevers to each other is one of the most special. I’m based in New York and available to travel. Contact me to capture your day.

Kesha Lambert PhotographyI am Kesha, photographer, Sony artisan of imagery, proud “Jamerican” (Jamaican American), lawyer, wife, and mother of sons. I love light, movement, color and emotion and you will find these elements are staples in our work. I believe it a great honor to be charged with documenting life events.

Joshua Dwain WeddingJosh & I met at our church in Brooklyn, NY. If you ask us were we thinking about being married to each other when we met, you’d get two completely different responses.  Nevertheless, love found us there. Since then we’ve not only grown into life partners but business partners as well. We believe photography is a perfect fit in our lives. Our personalities are as vibrant and colorful as our photographs. We strive for image perfection. We’ve been fortunate, Josh has been recognized as a Top Photographer in New York by Fearless Photographers and has won several awards from the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers.

Quill LemonsNew York-based photographer with a distinct visual language that interrogates ideas around masculinity, family queerness, race, and beauty.

Andre D. WagnerAndre D. Wagner is a photographer living and working in Brooklyn, New York. He explores and chronicles the poetic and lyrical nuances of daily life, using city streets, neighborhoods, parades, public transportation and the youth of the twenty first century as his visual language. His work and practice fits into the lineage of street photography that investigates the American social landscape, often focusing his lens on themes of race, class, cultural identity and community.

Dee Williams PhotoDee Williams is a queer Jamaican-American photographer and visual artist whose work centers around stories of the African diaspora. Inspired by the rich diversity of unique cultures and communities, Dee seeks to celebrate those stories through fashion and portraiture, while deconstructing and redefining the outside monolithic views, ideas, and representation of Black culture and people.

Nicole Mondestin PhotographyI am a portrait, business branding and headshot photographer based in NYC. My most important roles are mother and wife. When I’m not behind my camera you can find me spending time with my family, traveling or cooking. Everyone in my family is a foodie right down to my five year old son. I’m addicted to color, HGTV and red velvet cupcakes. I believe in second chances, hard work, love and the pursuit of happiness. 

Jurien HugginsJurien Huggins grew up in the island heat of the US Virgin Islands. After leaving high school, he earned his Bachelor of Science at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI in Design. After a few years as a graphic designer he discovered a deep and often hilarious obsession with photography and cinematography, and is self-taught. Now, he works as a multidisciplinary creative and Visual Designer in New York City, telling stories using editorial photography and videography as his medium.

JAO PhotographyHello, my name is Japhet, and I would like to welcome you to JAO Photography. I’m a wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of the greater Nashville area. For as far back as I can remember, I have always had an interest in photography. But it wasn’t until a few years ago, when I was gifted with my first professional grade camera, a DSLR, that I knew how much being a photographer truly meant to me.

Rob White PhotographyWhen you hire me to shoot your most important moments–whether we’re in my studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn, overlooking the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, at your wedding venue, or on location at your corporate or marketing event–you’ll be rewarded with photos that will capture the essence of your special occasion.  I bring high energy and fun to all my shoots, and I happen to be a great party guest as well. If you’re not comfortable in front of the camera, I will bring out your inner top model!  Many of my clients have been with me for most of my nearly ten years of operation –  some have welcomed me into their family.  They trust my professionalism in delivering their proofs promptly after the shoot, retouching their selected images to their specifications, and expediting their final delivery. 

Wedding photos by Kadarius Seegars

Buy Their Work

Photographers are artists, and buying their work is a meaningful way to show appreciation for the masterpiece they’ve created; Plus, you get to be the proud owner of a photo print or NFT you absolutely adore. In a more serious sense, though, photography is a career and livelihood; Black photographers deserve to benefit financially for their work and incredible contributions to the world of photography.

All too often, creators are underpaid and undervalued for the work they do, with Black creators suffering worst of all. Explore the list of Black-created visual products below and support Black photographers and artists by purchasing the work you love!

Prince GyasiPrince Gyasi takes bold, stylized iPhone photographs of life in his hometown of Accra. Occasionally using digital manipulation, he captures his subjects posed against colorful textured backgrounds and alongside the ocean, corrugated steel huts, and sunsets; Gyasi’s frames embrace colorful contrasts between his subjects’ skin, dress, and surroundings.

Caterine Holmes PhotographyRemember when you were a kid and the world excited you? No matter what you saw, it was something new. Recently I have found that excitement again. Being able to capture the world exactly how I see it has been so rewarding. I want to share what I see with all of you.

Naima Green’s “Pursuit” Deck“Pur·suit” is a deck of 54 playing cards featuring photographs of queer womxn, trans, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming people.

Monica AhanonuMonica Ahanonu is an expert in color theory, vector illustration, and motion design, having worked full-time as an artist at DreamWorks Animation and with clients such as 30 Seconds to Mars, BuzzFeed UK, KIMOJI and Hannah Magazine.

JASSIEUOJass is a photographer/videographer of 10 years based in Los Angeles CA originally from Detroit, MI. Her focus within her work is telling stories while using captivating aesthetics and color theory.

TristanVision PhotographyTristanVision began in the humid, summer-afternoon, streets of Brooklyn, New York. Behind the lens, Tristan captured BTS video and shots of the growing east-coast skateboard culture. Tristan finds excitement when projects allow him to meet new people and travel to new places. Check out his work to see his vision for yourself.

Aaron Ricketts: Aaron Ricketts is a photographer and visual artist whose work resides at the intersection of art and entertainment. Aaron often challenges human perception, condition and context.

Ashley JohnsonWriter and a multidisciplinary creative entrepreneur living in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Inspired by the contemporary “flash-form” narrative—an art form that neither requires nor offers resolution—Johnson asks complex questions on black through staged portraits.

Art by ZayZeinab is a painter and illustrator from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has always been an artist since childhood, but her passion for art did not peak until she began painting in late 2016. Since then, she has done various showcases, paint parties, commissioned artwork, illustrations and live paintings. Zeinab’s artwork has a focus on empowerment, love, Black people and culture, modern Muslim women and abstract design.

Smard.ArtSMARD known as Sylvine is a 23-year-old Visual Artist. Born in France, her roots stem from the Central African Republic. She currently resides in Canada. Big fan of the #Blackgirlmagic movement, her main subject is the Black Woman and that’s what she tends to represent through her personal artwork. “Everything about the Black Culture, inspires me a lot. The Black Woman is my muse.”

Tiairra BrownHey, it’s Tiairra (tee-air-rah)! I’m a self taught makeup artist turned photographer turned mother of two based in Hampton Roads, VA. I love shooting Fashion Editorials, Weddings and just about everything in between!  

KwakushopMany photographers sell prints of their work online. But for me, Kwakushop is about much more than that – it’s also the perfect time to open my collection of exceptional objects, and clear out the archive to make room for the future. Marrying the traditional idea of the studio store with access to a uniquely personal set of artifacts, found objects, art, and rare vintage publications amassed throughout years of world travel, Kwakushop is a way to spread inspiration to people who share my eclectic passions and interests in culture, design, art, history, and adventure.

Erica GeneceErica Génécé is a Brooklyn based photographer and filmmaker who loves to celebrate the beauty of culture. The daughter of Haitian immigrants, she is inspired by travel, cultural traditions, and new experiences. Being the granddaughter of a seamstress, she has a great appreciation for fashion and learned the importance of details at a young age. She mixes her knowledge of history and culture with the modern day to create a new, eclectic style.

Photo of photographer Prince Akachi

Support Their Platform

Once you’ve worked with and bought from Black photographers, keep the support going by making room for Black perspectives on your social media feeds.


Thousands of photographers have brought their work to Twitter, where they can share their favorite photographs, connect with fellow photographers, join meaningful community discussions, and promote their newest projects: whether that be releasing a photo book or minting an NFT.

Photograph by Oladamenji Odunsi.

Support Black photographers by elevating their Twitter influence and giving their work the best chance to find the right buyer or collector. Follow them, retweet them, and show love to their incredible endeavors!

Below are the twitter pages of 50+ Black photographers; Explore their work – you’ll be so glad you did!




























































Self portrait of photographer Oswald Elsaboath


Prefer to spend time on the gram? These 50 Black photographers will make you love the platform even more. Pay them back for the extraordinary contributions they make across social media platforms by shopping in their online stores – or at the very least engaging with and sharing their most impressive work.





















































Photograph by Joshua Oyebanji.