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5 Must-Have Snow Day Photos

Author: The Printique Team

There is nothing more magical than fresh snow making everything feel crisp and clean and covered in a blanket of hushed white. Suddenly the whole world is transformed into a winter wonderland. From watching the joy of kids sledding and making snowmen to enjoying a walk through the woods with only the sounds of your boots crunching, a snow day is good for the soul. We compiled a short list of 5 fantastic ideas of what to photograph on your perfect white out day.


1. Snow-Covered Landscapes

One of the most beautiful sights of a fresh coat of snow is how it clings to everything, turning the whole world into a winter painting. You may need to get up early to capture the snow on the trees before the wind or warmth of the day makes it disappear.

Winter landscapes are easy to photograph using just a phone camera. The lens on your phone is generally wider than with a DSLR camera, so by default you will be able to capture quite a bit of the scene. Keep in mind that because the world has turned white with snow, you may need to bring up the exposure a bit to really capture the landscape well.


2. All the Frosty Details

From ice crystals on a window to berries suspended in frost, the little details of a snowy day can create beautiful pieces of art you can print for gorgeous winter decor.

Taking beautiful details shots is all about isolating your subject with shallow depth of field. With a cell phone camera, turn it to portrait mode so that the background fades away. If you have ventured forth with an actual camera, use a macro lens or add a lens extender, which allows you to get even closer to your subject and get greater detail of tiny objects, like individual snowflakes.


3. Fido Frolicking

Nothing brings out the zoomies as a fresh fall of snow.

When attempting to catch the action, make sure to keep the shutter speed of your camera high so that you are able to capture motion clear and prevent blur. A shutter speed of over 250th/sec is plenty to freeze your pup mid-run. You should have plenty of light for your exposure at that speed with the brightness of the snow.


4. Kiddos at Play

One of the best memories of kids growing up is a snow day! Catching snowflakes on their tongues, making snow angels, the forts, the snowmen…. It’s all a perfect childhood memory you will want to save forever.

Capture the kids just doing what kids do in the snow, but also get them all together for one toothy smiling shot where you can see their ages and faces and remember exactly this moment in time. Don’t forget to print the photograph and have the details printed on the back, as well.


5. City Snowscapes

A city in a blizzard is transformed. The busy streets slow down, a quiet descends, the city’s lights reflect, the people burrow their way through the snowy sidewalks.

The best time to photograph the winter scenes of a city is either during the storm or in the late evening or early morning before the traffic and pedestrians have taken their toll on the freshness of the snowfall. Make sure to acclimate your camera equipment to the cold so that your lenses don’t fog up in the cold. If you are photographing with a phone, bring a charger as the cold may sap your battery.

The next time the skies open and send down snow, be prepared to go out and take your best blizzard shot. Winter photographs make cozy art for your walls or are perfect for seasonal photo books or cards.