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A Recipe Scrapbook Makes the Perfect Gift for the Chef in Your Life

Author: The Printique Team

Customized recipe albums capture more than the details of how to prepare the food we love — they also commemorate the joy of sharing those recipes with our nearest and dearest.
Food baskets or chocolate might be a pleasing gift for some foodie friends or relatives, but what’s sure to give them enjoyment for years to come is a special collection of recipes. For years, scrapbookers have put together polished albums, not only of vacation memories and family portraits, but also of their most delicious recipes.
Recipe albums will not only help you keep track of your favorite dishes, but can also be turned into beautiful, homemade gifts that show off your love for the lucky recipient. Start building a Food Photo Book and develop it into a gift that will ensure years of tasty enjoyment.

Food Photo Book Ingredients

Of course, the first item you’ll need is your collection of recipes. Whether they’re handwritten on a recipe card or digitally stored, you’ll want them to be easily accessible. PopSugar recommends trying to include some secret recipes as well — if you can find them, that is. And Printique lets you digitally enter those handwritten recipes into your album so they’re 100% legible.
Next, find a picture of the dish when it’s prepared and ready to eat. If you don’t have a photo handy, don’t fret — it’s the perfect opportunity to prepare the meal yourself and double-check that your measurements are all correct.

Take a snapshot of the dish in its entirety, then make sure to get one of you eating it, too! Try to plan ahead for all that cooking — The Kitchn smartly warns against attempting to cook all of these recipes over one weekend.
If you have a picture of Grandma, or one of the entire family enjoying her special dish, make sure to include that in your album as well. The memories of those who introduced you to your love of cooking will sweeten up any meal.
And try adding some quotes or adjectives about the dish — “rich,” “fluffy,” and “tart” are all great descriptors that are both positive and specific to your final product.

Putting Them All Together

Once you have your materials altogether, you can start stirring some nostalgia into the mix. Using AdoramaPix’s online platform, find a layout that will showcase all the material you’ve collected. Then, digitally enter them into the food album template you’ve chosen.
You’ll have a blast choosing everything from the color of the album to its shape, size, and paper type. The time you start designing the pages is when the fun really begins: choose from one of the prepared designs, or make use of every artistic bone in your body to create your own!
Before you know it, you’ll have created a beautiful recipe scrapbook to give to your dearest friend or family member. You might even love it so much that you decide to order an extra one for yourself!