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Projector Photoshoot: A Guide

Author: The Printique Team

A projector photoshoot involves projecting an image onto your subject with the use of light. Projector photoshoots are a fun, creative, and endlessly adjustable approach to modern portraits. All you need is your camera, a dynamic image to project, and a manner of projecting!

Here are 5 tips and ideas for pulling off a professional-level projector photoshoot!

Use Contrasting Colors

If you browse examples of projector photoshoots, you’ll find that many utilize color pairings with high contrast, like reds and blues or black and white. By using contrasting colors in your projector photoshoot, you get your projection to pop. That makes it easier to read words, identify the outline of shapes, and create sharp shifts between your subject and your background.

You wouldn’t shoot your projector photoshoot in a bright room; This technique implements the same logic. With greater contrast between brightness and colors, you’ll have stronger visual effects.

Girl stands in front of wall with sky projection on her for projector photoshoot.

Create a Cohesive Aesthetic

To execute the perfect projector photoshoot, pay attention to everything that’s in your frame – not just the projection. While the projected image is definitely the star of the show, the additional elements in the frame are what sets a cool idea apart from an incredible work of art.

For example, pay attention to the outfit that your portrait subject is wearing. Whether you’re hosting a solo projector photoshoot or photographing a friend, make sure that any outfit in your image aligns with the desired outcome of the photoshoot; This will be key to your photoshoot’s success.

If the emphasis of your projector photoshoot is strictly on the projection – such as when words are being used – you’ll want to dress the subject in plain, dark clothing to maximize the projection’s legibility. Alternatively, if the goal of your projector photoshoot is to create a scenic image in an otherwise bare room, dressing your subject in statement pieces that suit the setting is a great way to create an overall dynamic photograph.

Take the cloud themed projector photoshoot above for example. The subject matched her shirt with the projected image to strengthen her desired effect: to appear as though she’s in the clouds.

Girl holds prism lens in front of bright red light to elevate projector photoshoot.

Add Prisms to Your Projector Photoshoot

A prism contains refracting surfaces that separate white light into a spectrum of colors. Using a photography prism, such as this one from Prism Lens FX, is an easy and engaging way to create a visually dynamic projector photoshoot.

We adore the effect of prism projections directly onto a person’s face. Please, be careful with your eyes, though! If you aren’t a fan of straight forward close ups, this is a great way to photograph yourself artistically. What beats turning yourself into a work of art?

Incorporate Words

Words have become a popular element in projector photoshoots. Word projections allow you to add an edge to your photos; They’re often used to make statements about society, resonate with viewer values, or communicate emotions. By blending written word with photography, you have the ability to intensify the strengths of both mediums; Words will communicate the literal messages that photography sometimes fails to capture, while the photo communicates intangible messages that cannot be put into words.

Once you add words to projector photoshoots, the possibilities of this photoshoot style become endless. From song lyrics to repeating phrases or personal quotes, mastering the effect of projected words ensures you’ll never run out of projector photoshoot ideas.

Play With Movement

In a majority of projector photoshoots, the subject stands still while they are photographed; But that doesn’t mean movement is off the table! Motion in projector photoshoots can be fascinating, as the blur of both subject and shadow interact.

Play with the motion of various elements. Have your subject flip their hair; Ask them to spin and flare their clothing; Incorporate falling motions with confetti or flower petals.

Person stands in dark with the phrase "Are you here?" repeatedly projected across them in red light.

How to Print Your Projector Photoshoot

Projector photoshoots are meant to result in bold and unique portraits; Your photo prints should reflect that!

We recommend printing your projector work on metal or in a photo book. Metal prints are created by infusing images onto aluminum with glossy metallic or matte finish options. What results are professional metal photo prints that are vibrant and durable. Your custom metal print will make a statement no matter what you print; Projector photoshoots on metal, with their bold and modern features, are a sure-fire way to create incredible decor.

Printing your projector photoshoot in a photo book is another great printing option. This printing method allows your various photoshoot snapshots to engage with each other. By collaging your photoshoot results in the spread of a photo book, you have the power to make each image pop with complementary arrangement. Plus, being able to flip through pages filled with your own work is extraordinary!