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Why Professionals Choose Printique for Their Photo Printing Needs

Author: The Printique Team

Lucy Cox/Photobucket

Lucy Cox/Photobucket

Quality photo printing doesn’t always have to be costly. Many professionals choose AdoramaPix’s affordable Print-on-Demand service for all of their photo printing needs.
In a recent survey, the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) rated a large pool of professional photo printing services across a variety of categories — including quality of color, detail, binding, cover, spread, paper, and overall bang-for-the-buck.
Although the average rating came in well below 7 out of 10, Printique stood out from the crowd with a 7.5, edging out Apple, among a host of other well-known printing services. In terms of price point versus quality, the message of the survey is crystal-clear: Printique offers the best possible value when it comes to professional quality photo printing at consumer-level prices.

Quality Matters



Printique has been serving our community’s photo printing needs for over a decade. Known throughout the industry for the superior quality of our prints and customer service, it’s no wonder so many professionals choose Printique when it comes to their photo printing needs.
Renowned New York City music and sports photographer David Bergman became an Printique brand ambassador after years as a loyal and satisfied customer. Bon Jovi’s official tour photographer since 2010, Bergman has also worked with many of the world’s most talented musicians, including Sarah McLachlan, Gloria Estefan, and the Barenaked Ladies.
As Bergman himself puts it, “I’ve been making Printique books for years and am always impressed by the quality of the product, as well as the speed at which they are delivered. The books make great promotional materials for clients and gifts for my friends.”
Bergman also shoots regularly for a whole host of major publications, including Sports Illustrated, the New York Times and Rolling Stone. And his photos aren’t exactly stuck on the last page, either: for reference, his “GigaPan” shot of President Obama’s first inauguration got over 20 million views!
Seasoned pros like Bergman choose Printique because they know that every photo we print is held to the highest possible standard. Our cutting-edge printers, top quality paper, and state-of-the-art software make even the most demanding professional projects a relative breeze.

Customers First

When it comes to professional photo prints, this kind of white-glove treatment usually goes hand-in-hand with backbreaking prices. By utilizing a variety of forward-thinking technologies, however, we’ve managed to improve quality while cutting costs, making Printique one of the best deals in the industry.
Sarah Mariel, another Printique brand ambassador and Los Angeles-based family portrait photographer, loves our photo books on both a personal and professional level. And that’s because we combine cost-effective quality with responsive and personalized customer service.
If you aren’t completely satisfied with our products or services, just let us know and we’ll do everything we can to make things right. At the end of the day, making sure you’re satisfied is our number-one goal.

Start Your Photo Book with Printique

Don’t opt for savings at the cost of quality when it comes to your professional photo printing needs — Printique offers the same world-class products, customer service, and quick turnaround for projects of any size or budget.
As Thomas M. Fowler, a professional portrait photographer and Printique ambassador, explains:

Printique is the best place for an emerging or seasoned photographer to get their work printed. They not only have the best pricing, but the quality and customer service is even better. What blew me away was their incredibly fast shipping. I know they are a busy printer and they had my book shipped out the next day. Go with Printique — you will not be disappointed!

Take it from the experts and explore our selection of photo book templates to build your own, personalized photo book. If you’re looking for individual prints, we offer professionals a wide variety of options to ensure that every project’s needs are effectively met, every time.