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Photography In-Person Sales 101 – 5 Tips

Author: Collaborator - Printique by Adorama

Want to set yourself apart from the competition, have happier clients, AND increase your income while you are at it? Stop the shoot and burning, and begin offering in-person sales (also known as IPS). You owe it to yourself, to your clients, and to your artwork. Here are five reasons why you should start in-person sales immediately.

Portrait In-Person Sales by Pamela Leon

1. #BelieveinPrint

The artwork we produce should not be sitting on a CD in a drawer, or on a hard drive…forgotten about. I have had clients that have come back a few years after our session asking if I still had their digital files because their CD was now unreadable and they never got around to printing anything from their session. We work hard to create beautiful imagery and it deserves to be printed and enjoyed.
senior girl photo book produced by printique

2. Show and Sell

You have to SHOW what you want to SELL. During a viewing and ordering session, my clients can see and feel the full line of products that I offer. That experience cannot be duplicated with an online gallery, and your sales with reflect that. During our ordering session, I have the opportunity to guide my clients to the products that fit their needs and lifestyle.
woman looking at picture produced by Printique

3. Cherished Heirlooms

You can set yourself apart from the competition by offering products that are sure to become cherished heirlooms. Some of my largest sellers in the studio are albums. Albums are a great way to tell your client’s story and preserve them for generations.
8x10 print of family produced by printique

4. Experience

Another way to set yourself apart, and raise the bar in our industry, is through the experience you provide for your clients. From the moment my clients enter my studio to the second they leave, everything is set up for them to have an unforgettable experience. We start with a custom slideshow, then after the tears have dried we discuss their wants and needs for their images, after that we choose their favorite images and decide on the products that are the best
fit for them. The products I offer sell themselves, and my clients view me as a trusted advisor and not a salesperson.
prtints on display by printique

5. Increase Your Income

Lastly, thanks to in-person sales my income has increased. During my first in-person sales session I made more than I did in my first year of business. My pricing didn’t change, I didn’t have any great sales pitch, my product line was minimal, but the experience that I provided my client was more personal and the sale reflected that. When you value yourself and your artwork, clients do
three photo books by printique
Thank you, Pamela. Pamela of 28 Sunflowers Photography chooses Printique as her lab partner to give quality, handcrafted items to her clients that can be cherished for generations.