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When It’s the Thought That Counts, Get Original with Custom Photo Cards

Author: The Printique Team

When you take the time to create a custom photo card with Printique’s user-friendly online platform, you can make that amazing gift even more special.
The digital tools we have at our disposal today offer us so many shortcuts that make it easy to do things for one another — things that once took hours of effort. The only trouble is, all that ease can make it hard to be truly authentic.
Picking out an anniversary or birthday gift that actually means something can be a struggle. And even the most thoughtful gift — let’s say a wooden jewelry box hand-carved from rare, magical timber by a member of the native Tlingit tribe of Alaska — can fall short without a thoughtful card attached.
If you really care about the recipient of your present, say it with a card that’s really original, one that’s printed with a very personal photo.

Beyond E-Cards

Let’s get one thing straight: “original” doesn’t mean an e-card. Sure, they’re easy and convenient if your loved ones live far away, but is it really that thoughtful to spend 60 seconds searching for an appropriate template, entering a message, and sending the link?
As Shane Groah explains, e-cards feel like a “slap in the face.” They stand in the place of a pricier gift, or a gift that takes more time, and often suggest that you had forgotten about the recipient’s birthday until two minutes before sending it.
You should also avoid picking up a card at the drug store. A piece of cardstock with a generic message waiting to be undersigned by you is just as problematic as the web-based alternative.

Get Original

Printique’s photo cards are the perfect solution for this serious problem of authenticity. The Printique site gives you the ease of creating a quick e-card, but with all the freedoms of customization.
To begin making your personalized Printique card, you first have to choose which of your photos to upload. These images can come from your computer hard drive or your Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos, Dropbox, Adobe Lightroom, or Flickr accounts.
Once you’ve selected and cropped your photo of choice, you can type your own personal message on both pages inside the card. Next, the site prints your card on the highest-quality paper, letting you pick the finish (matte, glossy, luster, or metallic).
After printing, all that’s left is the reviewing and ordering. The end result? You get a personalized card to add to your (hopefully) original gift — a win for both you and the person being celebrated.

Just Picture It

An added bonus of giving an Printique photo card is that the recipient will actually save it, and not just toss it out with the paper party hats and shredded gift wrapping. Your card will be set on the mantle in a special frame — which the lucky owner can purchase through the same website!
The thought really does count, and a photo card is the best way to make that thought as vivid and as personal as possible.