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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2018

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama


Your story begins with Mom. She rocked you to sleep, helped you with your homework, drove you to practice, made the best macaroni and cheese and most importantly was always there for you with a warm embrace…. always. Mother’s Day is important. It’s a day where you can say thank you to moms, moms-to-be, grandmas and all the other women who stepped up to help raise you. This year, we are giving you a Mother’s Day Gift Guide that helps makes memories and special moments. Because in the end, it’s the moments and memories that matter.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

1.Freeze Frame

Schedule a photo shoot for her. Moms are always behind the camera but are rarely in front. It’s not only important to document portraits but also playtime. It doesn’t have to be formal. Capture her in all her glory being herself. Playing on the floor with the mini-me’s, reading books, or even just making a meal. This is her everyday life and the love and energy she puts into her family should be captured and photographed. Also, if you are short on time and can’t hire a professional photographer, have a friend or relative snap some shots. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it doesn’t need to be over the top, it just needs to be done. Trust us, it’s a memory worth making.
photo book manufactured by printique
Now that you have all of these playful pictures of mom, it’s time to give them a home. Make it a little something special by putting it together in a photo book for her. You don’t have to overthink it though, keep it simple. We suggest making a fabric covered photo book with a color that will go well with the home. Here’s a great time saver tip when you’re laying out the photo book.  Let the images do all the talking.  Either span the entire spread with one photo or put one photo per page. It’s the easiest way to build a book and keep it customized.  You can also use our quick and easy book builder to do all of the work for you.
Looking for some interesting titles, try these : A Day with Mom. Adventures with Mom. Being Your Kid is an Adventure.
Suggestion: 10×10 – Fabric Covered Photo Book – 30 Pages – Silk Paper
photo books manufactured by printique

2. Dress Up and Stand Out

Get dressed up and take her to brunch. It’s rare that we get dressed up just for mom. Make it special, put on your best and stand out from the crowd. This is also the perfect time to snap a few shots.
Suggestion: Contemporary and Lightweight – Stand Out – White Border – Depth 1.5″  
stand out manufactured by printique

3. Girl Power

Gather the generations that make your life special. It’s not just about mom, it’s about those special grandmoms, aunts, and sisters. Gather them together and make it a moment. Take the time to photograph them together. It’s special when the relatives make time to be with each other. Document it.
Suggestion: Metal Prints – White Finish – Satin
metal print manufactured by printique

4. Snail Mail > Email

Help the littles my not only making a card but by sending it in the mail too! When was the last time mom got a letter in the mail? Make it special. Include scribbles from the kids and some of your favorite pictures. Just make sure to send it in time so she receives it in time for Mother’s Day!
Suggestion: Mother’s Day Card – 5×7 – Flat Bracket – Pearl Finish
mothers day card manufactured by printique
Suggestion: 5×5 Deep Matte Prints with a White Border
photo prints manufactured by Printique

5. Scan It

Let the past meet the present. Take a few of your favorite photos of mom and scan them. You don’t need a professional scanner anymore, simply use a plain, flat background and snap a photo with your smartphone and use some free apps to complete the process.
Just by making an effort to preserve her past, will let her know she is appreciated.
old photos scanned by Printique

Suggestion:  8.27X3.74  Desktop Calendar Canon HD Luster
calendar manufactured by Printique
Still looking for more great Mother’s Day ideas? We can help. Check out our Mother’s Day Pinterest board for fun, creative ways to let mom know how she rocks your world. You can view the Pinterest board HERE.     You might also want to give her a hug, moms dig that.