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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2015

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

Mom, Ma Ma, Mother, Mommy, no matter how you say it, it means  love.  We would like to celebrate all women who are moms  from aunts, to sisters to grandmothers. So with this in mind, we have a few ideas we think will please everyone.
Looking to be a bit creative? Try our collages. We spell it all out for you, all you have to do is drop your favorite images into the template of your choice. The great feature about collages is that you can choose to have it on print, metal, canvas or acrylic. (Special note, when ordering portraits on metal prints choose the white finish to keep skin tones correct)
Why just stop with mom? Show the generations with the beautiful keepsake in our collages collection. Here we have our  three generations template on canvas. Canvas prints are easy to hang and are archival. The perfect give for mom and grandmom.
Photo Books
We have a number of Mother’s Day photo books in our templates. Simply click on the family grouping and you’ll see a few of our favorites.
Why not make a “Dear Mom” photo book and tell her thank you through pictures and words? One idea is to use adjectives describing your mom coordinating with images. Each page has a different word and picture to match. Our Mother’s Day photo book template would be the perfect fit for this idea. 
You can also do the top 10 reasons why you love mom. This is simple and easy for the kids to get involved. Plus, you might be surprised at what they say. One of my favorite quotes from my son is when he said he loved me because I make a great grilled cheese sandwich.  Our I Love Mom template lends the perfect example for this type of photo book. With swirls and water color brush strokes, you’ll be able to easily add text and change the colors to her liking.
Let’s not forget about grandma. She’s a mom too. Going through old photos and putting them together  for grandma is sure to bring a smile to her face. Our Heritage template is the perfect photo book to showcase yesteryear. With its old photo frames and antiqued look, it gives a modern nod to those photo books of yesteryear.
There is nothing quite as sweet or as remarkable as the print. Why not get a little creative with print? We have some amazing ideas of how to make the perfect Mother’s Day Gift with our Mother’s Day Idea Inspiration board on Pinterest. From recipe photo books to photo planters, we have a little something for all moms. We have prints as small as 4×4 and all the way up to 24 x 36. The possibilities are endless.

Professional Photographer
No matter if mom is a professional photographer or a photo snapper – most moms are often behind the camera. Why not treat her to a professional photography portrait sitting with the kids? Although selfies are easy to do, it’s nice to get some images that are from different angles. Plus, if the images are from a camera as opposed to a phone, you’ll be able to get larger prints from your photographs.