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Women's History Month – Meet Kendrick Brinson

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

March is Women’s History Month. While many of us know the women who were the early pioneers of photography, we wanted to introduce you to a new class of female photographers who are making waves of their own. Today, we are inspired by the work of Kendrick Brinson of Brinson + Banks. 
Kendrick Brinson used to identify herself as a photojournalist as she worked on staff for newspapers straight out of college, but her path has widened over the years.  After leaving her staff job, her work now  fits into a couple of boxes–long-term documentary projects, portraiture, and commercial lifestyle photography (She is half of the commercial team with Brinson+Banks). What ties her images together is the love of catching moments and color.
Amber Fouts, Antelope Valley, California, March 2015
She fell into photography accidentally. She loved writing and storytelling and personalities so she was following a writing path but when she took a photojournalism course as an elective in college, she immediately knew in that first class that she wanted to use her camera to meet people for the rest of her life. She says she is naturally shy,  her world immediately expanded when she wandered out on her own for a client with her camera.  She suddenly had a reason to meet interesting people and to connect with them. So whether she’s taking photos of a model for Garnier, or a celebrity for Variety Magazine, or a businessman for Fortune Magazine, or a 75-year-old retiree for Kendrick,she loves using her camera to capture their personalities to share.  She is grateful for the adventures she’s gone on and the relationships she’s created thanks to the tool she hangs around her neck.
Brinson + Banks have worked for Variety Magazine, Garnier, Wonderland, Fortune, Ford, The New York Times, FADER, Huck, ESPN, Billboard. They have also photographed celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Rebel Wilson, Ryan Gosling, Young Thug, David Duchovny, Mindy Kaling, and Ryan Seacrest. You can view more of Kendrick’s current work on her website Brinson + Banks.com