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Make a Collage and Remember Your Travels Forever!

Author: The Printique Team

 epSos .de/flickr

epSos .de/flickr

Lame vacation photos are the stuff of nightmares. You had such an amazing time, yet none of your photos properly capture the incredible landscapes or amazing memories. Next time, remember these tips and avoid some common photography faux pas.
Many vacationers think in terms of quantity over quality when it comes to photos. But this blind faith will leave you with 100 photos of poorly-lit ceilings and blurry trees that don’t truly represent your experience.
Some planning is necessary to figure out what equipment to bring and which moments will ultimately be the most important. Investing in quality gear, for instance, can transform your photos instantly, as Digital Photography School emphasizes. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a professional camera, but something durable that offers a variety of features will serve you well.
With your kit in tow, remember to spend a few seconds setting up a clear, balanced shot. Ask yourself: is there a more interesting vantage point? Would this moment be better represented if the camera were positioned vertically? Is the sun blinding my subject? These quick considerations produce killer photos.
However, some of your best shots can be totally candid. Catching your companions laughing or with spaghetti sauce dripping down their chins is just the thing to add a little personality to your next collage.

Photo-Worthy Moments

The best vacation collages always tell a story, so it’s best to start at the beginning, according to tuts+. That means the sooner you start your “shoot,” the better — photograph your partner packing at home or smiling during the crazy rush through the airport, and don’t forget to capture those quiet first moments after you’ve arrived.
During your trip, don’t be afraid of getting a little “touristy!” Stoop down, climb a hill, or lay upside-down if you have to. Photographing the unique nuances of your surroundings leads to interesting pictures that you can always cherish.
Commemorate a beautifully prepared meal, time spent meandering along a winding path, spotting locals chatting away in a storefront, or the wind whipping through the trees to bring back the most visceral memories of your trip. Those photos add an interesting flair to any collage by emphasizing the atmosphere and the sensations that defined your experience.

Make Every Snap Count

Kerem Tapani Gultekin/flickr

Kerem Tapani Gultekin/flickr

You don’t want to spend the entire visit behind your viewfinder, so do some research beforehand to develop a clear intention.
Checking out what others have done in the same location is a great way to start making up fun ideas to recreate. Repeating the same pose, taking a series of portraits, and including panoramic shots are other strategies to tie your photos together without tying up your time.
And it’s really important that you don’t hog the camera. Feel free to take off your photographer’s hat and share the chance to capture precious moments with your family, even letting yourself be the subject of some treasured snapshots. You’d be surprised at the variety of images different people take.

The Best Photos to Make an Amazing Collage

Returning from your trip will be less of a drag when amazing photos await, all because you remembered these simple tricks. A comprehensive and beautiful collage offers the perfect medium for flaunting your snapshots, and you can easily create one with Printique.
Trust me, the collages produced with this trusted name in photo printing and arrangement are especially striking. AdoramaPix’s professional services allow you to quickly select from a variety of templates and printing options, creating unique pieces to fit any motif.
The most challenging obstacle you now face is deciding which pictures to include!
While photo albums tell the whole story, a collage provides the highlights. Choose a single photo to represent each aspect of your trip, including food, architecture, lodging, nature, and some hilarious candid moments for the best results. This attractive collage is sure to be a treasured keepsake for years to come.