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Inspire Your Next Photo Book with These 6 Publications

Author: The Printique Team

Spend even a few minutes at your local bookstore or library and you’re sure to stumble across dozens of unique approaches to the modern book publication.  From picture-heavy cook books, to photo memoirs and visual explorations of design, architecture, and science, books have become equally as artistic as they are informative.

With creativity, storytelling, and self-expression each at the core of what we do here at Printique, we came to a realization: a bookstore is a goldmine of incredible photo book ideas!

Take a walk down the aisles with us as we highlight our most inspiring finds!

Title: Letters of Note New York City

Author: Shaun Usher

How to use it as inspiration:

Incorporate letters into your photo book! This can mean either scanning old letters and uploading them to your Printique gallery, or writing new letters particularly for this occasion. We love the idea of creating a travel book structured through letters to the places you’ve been. This is a great exercise for recalling past experiences and adding extra special value to your book. Open letters about your journey and the way certain places affected you will make your photo book so much more than a collection of images.

Title: On the Roof

Author: Josh Katz

How to use it as inspiration:

This incredible book by the oh-so talented Josh Katz made us consider the role specificity plays in a photo book. In this book, Katz highlights life during quarantine in New York City through glimpses of New Yorkers up on their roofs. While ‘pictures of New Yorkers on their roofs during quarantine’ might seem like too specific of a topic to build a photo book around, the incredible results of Katz’ project proves otherwise!

As you’re picking the next topic of your photo book, keep this in mind. Sometimes the secret to a powerful book isn’t increasing the range of content, but narrowing it down. We’ve bulleted some specific photo book ideas below!

  • Dogs Doing People Things
  • One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure: A Series of Stooping in NYC
  • All the Places Where I Found a Nickel
  • The View From My Window at 8 AM
  • Welcome to the Jungle: A Collection of Nature Winning Against Things Manmade
  • Gas Stations of America
  • Shoes Where They Shouldn’t Be

These each cover an extremely narrowed down topic that, while arguably insignificant and random, would be striking and powerful when compiled into a photo book.

Title: 14,000 things to be happy about.

Author: Barbara Ann Kipper

How to you use it as inspiration:

Compile your very own collection of things to be happy about! Begin by writing down a list – get as specific as possible for best results! Then, start capturing your list through photographs. This might be literal, like portraits of the people you love or a photo of your dog; Or it might be abstract, like the visual of an illuminated window, from outside looking in, to capture the joy of returning home each day.

Feel free to create this photo book with or without words. If your pictures are powerful, let them shine all on their own!

Title: 8,789 Words of Wisdom

Author: Barbara Ann Kipper

How to use it as inspiration:

Share your very own words of wisdom in a custom photo book! Pay attention to the sentiments that guide you on a day to day basis and jot them down as they come to you. After a few weeks, you’ll have compiled a personal collection of words to live by. Supplement these words to live by with photos from your youth or snapshots from trips where you remember learning important lessons.

Title: New York City Graffiti

Author: The Destiny Children

How to use it as inspiration:

As a Brooklyn-based company, we know just how much art there is to discover out on the street. Set out on a mission to photograph all the art the world around you has to offer! From artistic bumper stickers, to graffitied sidewalks and drawings on bathroom walls, what you find out in the world is sure to coalesce into a fascinating collection.

Title: The Nineties

Author: Chuck Klosterman

How to use it as inspiration:

Create a photo book that showcases photos from a particular decade! Whether you pull out pictures from long ago or snap new pictures of old objects, a photo book that homes in on the details that defined the childhood of an entire generation will serve as a powerful time machine. Not only will family members who remember old times be enthralled by such a book, but the young ones in your life will be just as enchanted! It’s an incredible way to share memories and experiences with those who grew up in a totally different world. Plus, you never know when a look back at the way things were will inspire some cool inventions or fresh takes on old ideas!

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