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Free to Print: Paul Klee

Author: The Printique Team

Abstract art isn’t for everyone, but if you love it (like we do) chances are you love it a lot.

Swiss-German artist Paul Klee is known by many as the father of abstract art, with his paintings dating back to the 1800’s. His brilliant artworks inspired the following generation of abstract painters, including the likes of Joan Miró, Salvador Dali, and Mark Rothko.

Lucky for us, the paintings that shaped the abstract art movement have now made their way to the public domain – meaning they’re free to download, share, alter and print however you so wish. To help you find the abstract piece of your dreams, we’ve compiled eight of our favorite Klee creations below!

To download your own copy of the images below, simply click on each image. This will direct you to the image’s unique download page. Once you’ve downloaded your favorite paintings, head to Printique.com and upload them to a personal gallery. Happy printing!

“Qu 1” color chart (1930)

Burggarten (1919)

Rich Port (a travel picture, 1938)

Temple Gardens (1920)

Autumn Flower (1922)

Ad marginem (1930)

The Firmament Above the Temple (1922)

About a motif from Hammamet (1914)